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Kerry Katona demands CBB fans axe Fern Britton in shock back door eviction saying ‘now everyone is seeing the real her’

KERRY Katona wants Fern Britton to be axed from Celebrity Big Brother in tonight’s shock back door eviction.

Sixteen years on from her infamous This Morning interview, Kerry has reacted to backlash over Fern after her bust-up with Nikita Kuzmin.

Kerry Katona has been reflecting on the past while watching Fern Britton on CBBInstagram

Kerry Katona pictured during her infamous 2008 interview on This Morning

Fern with her ex-husband Phil Vickery on This MorningRex

The 66-year-old heard ‘get Fern out’ chants last night

Fern and Phillip Schofield accused Kerry of being an alcoholic when she slurred” her words on the daytime sofa.

It turned out to be caused by her medication for bipolar disorder.

Fans chanting “get Fern out” could be heard loud and clear during last night’s double eviction – but the 66-year-old managed to escape the boot.

Speaking to The Sun’s Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown podcast, in association with Press Box PR, Kerry claims Fern won’t be able to handle the boos.

I don’t hold a grudge. I was rooting for her. I actually felt for her because she’s coming across quite lonely…

“But she’s quite condescending and passive-aggressive and that’s how she was with me last time I saw her. She made me feel really unsupported and accused me of being an alcoholic.

“That is what it is. It’s been and gone, but I still get judged on it now, I was very suicidal. I felt very alone in the moment.

“I did find it ironic when Fern started the argument with Nikita saying ‘would you like some rose’.

“I thought ‘someone’s a bit tipsy and p***ed up’.

“I’m being ironic and having a laugh and a joke. Obviously she’s not an alcoholic. But how the tables have turned. It feels like all this karma is coming out, it’s crackers.

“These are people who have always kind of looked down at me a little bit for doing reality shows. Then to see to see them in the Big Brother house begging ‘please don’t get rid of me’. I think the irony, the bloody irony of it all, but it’s bloody great TV and I cannot get enough of it.”

Kerry says Fern is a definite “game-player” but has been “exposed” after a row with Nikita.

The 66-year-old told the Strictly star, 26, he had offended her when he complimented her jumper.

“Anybody who does Big Brother, never go in playing a game. It isn’t actually a game. It’s a social experiment.

“Go in and be yourself. Be true to who you are, because the public will see right through it, and there’s no way you can keep that over 24hours, 7 days a week, which we are starting to see.

“I think Nikita held his own extremely well. I thought he came across great. I think Fern’s quite bitter from the nominations. Let me make really clear. I’m not digging out Fern here at all.

“I think she’s trying to stay in with the younger crowd. Fair play to her, and I do think she is playing a game.

“I think she I think she sees Louis as a threat. “he mask is starting to slip a little bit.

“I’m actually really shocked she didn’t get out last night.

“I think Fern should leave, and I think she should be going out the back door.”

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