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Katie Price reveals Harvey’s future after he’s forced to leave his residential college

KATIE Price has revealed Harvey’s future after he was forced to leave his residential college that costs £350,000.

This came after the former glamour model, 45, was declared bankrupt over an unpaid tax bill worth more than £750,000.

BBCKatie Price has revealed that she’s looking for a new college for Harvey[/caption]

InstagramThe star revealed that ‘West Sussex’ is no longer funding Harvey’s current college[/caption]

Katie took to her Instagram story to affirm that Harvey’s education is completely funded and claimed that the move is because her local council “West Sussex won’t fund” him at a college too far from where she lives.

Speaking to Harvey on an Instagram video, Katie said: “You’ve been with mummy for two weeks now, and you’re going back to college, aren’t you?”

Harvey replied: “Yes.”

Katie continued: “And then in three months, we’re going to find you a new college nearer mummy, aren’t we? Are you excited about that?”

Harvey responded: “Yes, mummy.”

Katie added: “We’ve got to find one so you’re closer to home because you miss mummy, and West Sussex won’t fund you to go to your current one because they have to fund you to go somewhere closer.”

This week Katie was declared bankrupt for the second time and now faces losing her £2million pad- or could see bailiffs come around to repossess anything that could help pay back the government department.

Harvey currently goes a £350,000-a-year residential college three hours away from Katie’s Mucky Mansion in Horsham, West Sussex.

Speaking on her Katie Price Show podcast recently, she said: “I’m having a nightmare at the minute.

“We were looking for him to stay at his college another year or if not a placement, but [the local authority] haven’t accepted it.

“They’ve given me three months that he has to find somewhere else by July. With someone like Harvey you need the transitional move, you need to do it slow.”

On a recent post Katie shared with Harvey getting an ear test, one user commented: “Oopps have you not paid the college fees for Harvey



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