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‘It’s unwatchable’ moan SNT viewers as they brand Ant and Dec ‘childish’ and vow to switch off

SATURDAY Night Takeaway viewers have been left grumbling that the programme is unwatchable.

Ant and Dec took to screens again tonight to entertain the public with pranks and on-stage antics.

ITVViewers called a Saturday Night Takeaway skit ‘childish’[/caption]

ITVAnt and Dec dressed up in monster costumes for the segment[/caption]

ITVThey were forced to eat porridge[/caption]

ITVSome viewers complained that it was too silly[/caption]

One of their skits involved dressing up in monster costumes and acting out a bedtime story that was being read out by presenter Cat Deeley.

Part of the tale saw the comedy duo gagging on porridge as Dec declared this was torture in the name of entertainment.

Viewers were not impressed by the What’s Next segment, and took to social media to complain that it had put them off the show altogether.

One person hit out: “Has Saturday night takeaway always been incredibly unfunny and childish or am I just getting old. I used to love this show!”

Another moaned: “Saturday Night Takeaway Little Ant & Dec is unwatchable please cancel them, have turned over.”

A third begged: “If Saturday Night Takeaway ever comes back again don’t bring back little Ant and Dec.”

A fourth sighed: “The first episode of this season’s Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway started strong but judging from what I’ve seen so far of tonight’s I get why they’re canning it next year.”

However, some audience members were more amused by the physical comedy, with one person sharing: “That was literally the best thing I’ve ever seen on Saturday Night Takeaway! Ant constantly falling took me to the fair.”

A second laughed: “I am LOSING my s**t at Saturday night takeaway right now!”



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