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‘It baffles me!’ rage Coma fans as they dub new crime drama ‘tripe’ and slate Channel 5 for ‘wasting incredible cast’

CHANNEL 5 viewers have ripped into the latest crime thriller, Coma, starring The Crown’s Jason Watkins. 

Following the drama’s premiere last night, fans have shared a slew of complaints about the show on social media.

Channel 5Channel 5 viewers have ripped into the latest crime thriller Coma starring The Crown’s Jason Watkins[/caption]

Channel 5Coma fans have all said the same thing about the new show on social media[/caption]

Coma follows Jason’s character, Simon Henderson, a family man whose life is changed forever after he makes a split-second decision in the heat of the moment while facing the leader of a local teenage gang.

The four-parter sees Simon finding himself at breaking point after he loses his job, and to make things worse, a group of teenagers start tormenting his neighbourhood. 

One fateful evening, when he is looking after his young daughter while his wife is at work, Simon encounters the gang leader, 17-year-old Jordan, outside his home.

An altercation between the pair erupts, which soon turns his world upside down.

After the first episode aired, fans were baffled by the drama’s genre, as many viewers found the acting humorous rather than serious. 

Taking to X(formerly Twitter), one user wrote: “This isn’t a comedy (apparently), but I can’t stop laughing at the hammy acting #Coma.”

“#coma was hilarious… not sure it was supposed to be hilarious, but it was,” added another. 

A third penned: “#Coma is even worse than Love Rat. Words I never thought I’d say.”

Someone else chimed: “It’s amazing how Channel 5 can consistently put a quality cast together and get them to act in an absolute pile of s***. They must have deep pockets #Coma.”

A fifth agreed: “Ha ha, so true. It baffles me. Who the hell films these dramas? The actors are great, but all the edits and sequencing for all Channel 5 dramas are the damn same.”

However, other viewers praised the intense drama as one fan said: “Have to say I really enjoyed #Coma on @channel5_tv. Jason Watkins and Jonas Armstrong really made the difference. Looking forward to the next episode!!” 

A second typed: “#Coma @Jason_Watkins excellent as ever. My toes are only just unclenching I felt every second of his tension, on the edge of unravelling. I’m far from ready for sleep. This can’t end well, but I’m with Simon all the way, roll on tomorrow night.”

Another added wrote: “Blimey! #Coma’s good innit!!! Cracking acting and really excellent plot.”

Ahead of Coma’s release, Jason spoke about the plot during an appearance on ITV‘s This Morning

Speaking about his character, Jason said: “He makes this terrible decision when he’s confronted with this 17-year-old. He does the wrong thing and suffers the consequences.

“Maybe this is a generalisation, but often men think, ‘I can cope, I’ll take the burden off my family,’ but of course, it just implodes, and there’s a history of him being quite vulnerable and having mental health issues. 

“He won’t own up, and the world starts to close in on him.” 

Paramount Plus has co-commissioned the series and will be adding the Channel 5 show onto its platform at a later date.

Coma continues on Tuesday, March 19, at 9pm on Channel 5, with the remaining three episodes airing over consecutive nights this week.

Channel 5Simon’s life changes after he confronts the leader of a local teenage gang[/caption]

Channel 5Fans of Coma have praised the show for its gripping storyline[/caption]



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