Inside EastEnders’ forgotten plot lines – from missing characters to disappearing Walford businesses


EASTENDERS viewers have highlighted a slew of disappearing stories and characters which has left them perplexed after they vanished off-screen.

The BBC soap opera has had a string of high notability plots in recent years but fans have been left irked after insisting that some were never resolved or reached a clear ending.

PAHollywood legend Alan Ford appeared as Stevie Mitchell but soon disappeared[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture deskJo Cotton also appeared to leave shrouded in mystery[/caption]

It has led EastEnders fans to highlight the different missing characters and businesses which have failed to make it to screens lately.

Whilst some fans have been left scratching their heads as to whether the plots will be re-visited further down the line of if they have been totally abandoned.

One character who has left Walford without trace despite having a huge fanfare is Billy Mitchell’s long-lost father, Stevie.

The soap cast Hollywood legend Alan Ford to take on the role as they hyped up his reunion with Billy and the family at Aunt Sal’s funeral

Billy had not seen Stevie for over 25 years after his father opted to bring up solely his brother, Charlie, with Billy being in the care system from the age of 10.

However, after making a single fleeting appearance, he disappeared and was never seen again.

Billy hasn’t made any reference to his whereabouts since leaving fans confused as to why he was introduced.

One fan said online: “Stevie Mitchell turned up in January. Two months later there is no sign of him.”

Someone else then echoed: “Stevie Mitchell turning up at Aunt Sal’s funeral was a bit random if he’s not going to pursue coming back to see Billy regardless of what Phil said to him.”

Before a third suggested: “Regarding Billy’s dad, I do wonder if he was brought in just as a one off and will be killed off screen causing aggro between Billy and Phil if Billy finds out Phil knew Stevie was looking for him at Sal’s funeral.”

Another character who fans have been left wondering about is Jo Cotton.

Vicki Michelle played the role when she arrived in Walford searching for her husband Rocky, only to discover that he had married Kathy.

Jo departed in mystery as she could be seen having an ambiguous phone call to someone.

One fan highlighted: “However it does annoy me that we didn’t get any resolution for Jo Cotton. Yes it seems Brian Conleys early departure changed things.

“But who was she on the phone to? Why didn’t she come back for more money?”

Others pointed out how Martin Fowler had failed to report for business on his fruit and veg stall in recent weeks which left them questioning how the business was being run.

Another viewer went on to share: “A big one in recent years for me is Hayley Slater. She was such a big character that time she was in the show.

“But, was written out and never mentioned again by any of the slaters.”

BBCFans have complained that Martin has abandoned his market stall[/caption]

BBCHayley Slater has also been seldom mentioned since her soap exit[/caption]