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‘I was silly’ says Rylan Clark as he admits biggest regret about failed marriage to ex Dan

RYLAN Clark has shared his regrets over his failed marriage to Dan Neal.

The 35-year-old TV presenter split from ex-husband Dan, 44, in 2021 after six years of marriage.

Rylan has opened up about his regrets over his marriage to Dan NealGetty

The couple separated in 2021 after six years of marriageITV

Rylan recently confessed to faking his identity to have a holiday romanceUKTV/Ellis O’Brien

Telly favourite Rylan later confessed to cheating on Dan during their relationship before attempting to take his own life.

Now the This Morning host has revealed what he’d do differently.

Appearing on Kathy Burke’s Where There’s A Will There’s A Wake podcast, Rylan said: “I don’t regret getting married.

“I mean I regret not having a f***ing prenup. That’s the only thing I regret.

“But even though everyone was like get a prenup, I was like I’m in love. Silly p***k. But actually I got so ill during that point.”

However Rylan confessed one positive came from the situation, continuing: “But I actually look back now, and I’m grateful I did, because now I know I’ll never get like that again.

“I would never let myself get that bad. And actually, it’s chilled me out.”

Rylan also recently revealed he attempted to fake his identity to have a holiday romance – which seriously backfired.

“I went away for the first time on my own, got on a plane by myself and was like ‘I’m doing this to find myself’, I wasn’t, I was doing it to find a man.”

Speaking on Mel Giedroyc Unforgivable, he continued: “I started talking to someone in a bar, and this guy was like ‘What’s your name?’ and without even planning or thinking I said ‘Joshua’.

“And he went ‘Nice to meet you Joshua, what do you do?’ and at the time I was going through a divorce so I just went, ‘I’m a family lawyer’.

“So for three days I was Josh the family lawyer, and I got away with it, up until the last night when I met some of his friends and we all went for dinner and I just heard ‘Oh my God, not Rylan!’, a British hen party ruined it.”



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