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I sold my house for TEN TIMES what I paid for it after epic transformation – people can’t believe it’s the same property

A BUYER’S breathtaking property transformation on Homes Under The Hammer has been dubbed the ‘best makeover ever’ after they earned an impressive eye-watering profit.

Since 2003, the beloved BBC property series has aired over 1,000 episodes and become a staple in British homes.

BBCRob breathtaking property transformation on Homes Under The Hammer has been dubbed the ‘best makeover ever’[/caption]

BBCThe buyer made 10 times the profit on the property after he renovated it[/caption]

BBCDion Dublin was hopeful that the property in disrepair could be transformed into something stunning[/caption]

Homes Under the Hammer is known for converting and providing some tender loving care to properties that have deteriorated into an alarming state. 

Throughout the years, the series has tackled some seriously tricky renovations, working with both small budgets and more hefty sums spent on sprawling homes.

During one of the episodes following a property in Kings Heath, Birmingham, which had been neglected, many potential buyers were reluctant to take on the project.

In the end, it was auctioned off after having no luck on the open property market. 

With a guide price of £25,000, the buyer, Rob, faced tremendous issues, including water damage, rotting floors, poorly constructed buildings and extension work. 

However, these works did not put the owner- who purchased the house in 2022-  off taking on the huge project. 

Rob admitted that the house’s primary location was what caught his attention, and thanks to its proximity to Birmingham city centre, he saw immense potential in the investment.

He revealed: “I wanted this house because of its location. It seems to be getting better and better all the time. 

“This was the first lot that came up and before I knew it, I got it. I don’t know who it was but it was a bit of a battle to try and get it. I paid more than I wanted to.”

The BBC host Dion Dublin examined the home and agreed there was much to develop as he saw the potential in the project as well.

Months after Rob spent a whopping £58,000 renovating the property, the 54-year-old returned and inspected it. 

As soon as Dion stepped back into the house after the transformation,  he was immediately taken aback by the curbside appearance. 

In the episode, the visibly shocked presenter could be heard saying: “Is that even the same house? It’s had pretty much everything done to it: new windows, doors, rendering, new paint, and a new dormer window.”

The property had gained a mono-block driveway, and despite the inside of the home remaining structurally similar, Dion was still gobsmacked at the brand-new interior. 

Featured inside the renovated property was a brand-new kitchen and diner area. 

Rob also ended up tearing down the former extension and replacing it with a new one.

Subsequently, the property was valued at £450,000, with the option of a new rental value of £1,400 a month.

Elsewhere on Homes Under the Hammer, Dion was concerned for buyers who purchased a rotting Lancashire property in urgent disrepair for £10k. 

The sportsman-turned-presenter admitted to the house hunter that he “wouldn’t pay much over £10k” on the house due to the immense despair.

But after the stunning transformation was completed, it was estimated that if the house buyer put the property on the housing market, it would now sell for at least £75,000, and the rent yield would be 12%, bringing in at least £650 per month.

Homes Under the Hammer airs at 11:30am on BBC One and Iplayer during the week.

BBCThe old run-down kitchen area was revamped[/caption]

BBCThe new modern kitchen area was unrecognisable[/caption]

BBCThe damp infested old front room was patched up[/caption]

BBCNow a new comfortable modern front room sits in place with the same old fire place which has been upgraded[/caption]



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