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GMB star slammed by James Bond fans after ‘ridiculous’ comment about Aaron Taylor Johnson landing iconic 007 role

A GOOD Morning Britain star was criticised by James Bond fans following a “ridiculous” comment he made about Aaron Taylor Johnson landing the iconic 007 role.

Fans debated whether Aaron should be given the role or if it should be given to another actor.

Ed Balls faced criticism from James Bond fans over a controversial comment about Aaron Taylor Johnson’s potential as 007Rex

GettyEd said that Aaron needs a haircut to play the role of James Bond[/caption]

On GMB, Ed Balls was adamant that James Bond shouldn’t have long hair and that if Aaron were to go through with the role, a haircut would be necessary.

Ed said: “It’s James Bond, enough said, he doesn’t have long hair.”

Co-host Susanna Reid then turned the debate back to the viewers and asked: “Should he have a haircut, yes or no?”

One user took to X, formerly known as Twitter and wrote: “Somebody tell Ed Balls that actors have different haircuts in different roles. They change their clothes too.”

Whilst anther echoed: “Obviously Aaron Taylor-Johnson will have his hair cut & will be clean shaven when he plays Bond! Why can’t people understand that?

“He can wear & have his hair however he wants, then when he’s on set he’ll be styled for the character he’s playing. Not rocket science to understand!”

A third slammed the star saying: “I don’t think Ed balls should be a morning TV host but we don’t get to make other peoples decisions do we.”

One fan defended Ed stating: “Maybe Ed is a Bond purist and is referring to the description of James Bond in Ian Fleming’s novels as ‘short, black hair, a comma of which rests on his forehead’.”

And another added: “I’m with Ed, he doesn’t look like a bond with that hair.”

Multiple actors have portrayed James Bond, each sporting a clean-shaven, short hair appearance.

Eon Productions, which makes the spy thriller films, is on course to start shooting this year.

A source said: “Bond is Aaron’s job, should he wish to accept it. The formal offer is on the table and they are waiting to hear back.

“As far as Eon is concerned, Aaron is going to sign his contract in the coming days and they can start preparing for the big announcement.”

GettySome fans agreed with Ed and said that he should have his hair cut for the role[/caption]

RexEd was slammed by some viewers who disagreed with his statement[/caption]

RexEd and Susanna Reid host GMB together[/caption]



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