‘Give it a rest!’ fume Emmerdale fans as they blast soap bosses for using ‘tragic’ Aaron Dingle as ‘punching bag’


EMMERDALE fans have been left fuming with the soap and have begged the show’s bosses to lay off Aaron Dingle.

The soap favourite, played by actor Danny Miller, has faced overwhelming hardship over the past few months since his return to the Dales.

ITVAaron Dingle has been described as Emmerdale’s punching bag by fed up fans[/caption]

ITVHe discovered that he had the faulty cancer gene like his mum, Chas[/caption]

The troubled mechanic is never far away from misery and sadness and it has left fans seething that he never gets the chance to be happy.

In recent times, Aaron has seen the death of his sister Liv after she was crushed by a caravan, his marriage to Robert come crashing down, stints in jail as well as the death of his grandmother, Faith and Chas undergoing her current breast cancer ordeal.

Now, fans were left down-hearted after it was confirmed that he would be subjected to even more heartbreak.

Following the news of Chas’ cancer diagnosis, she was left stunned to discover that she had a faulty gene which could be passed on to her relatives which was understood to be a cancer-carrying gene.

As Chas was suffering from the exact same type of breast cancer as her mum, doctors assumed that Faith also carried the same gene.

It prompted Chas to ask her brothers Cain and Caleb to take the test as well as her son Aaron.

Whilst Cain and Caleb were surrounded by their loved ones as they discovered the news, Aaron was left alone to unseal the letter.

In a second crushing blow, Aaron was the only one of the three to discover that he was positive for carrying the gene.

However, he lied through his teeth to Chas in order to protect her and to ensure that she did not worry about him.

Viewers were unhappy that Aaron had been targeted once again as they fumed at the writers’ decision.

A superfan of the ITV soap said: “The contrast of Caleb and Cain being surrounded by family when opening there results while Aaron was completely alone was depressing.

“He only had the test to stop Chas from worrying and his gonna lie to Chas cause he doesn’t want her to stress, while he has to deal with another tragedy. Will they ever give him a break Jesus.”

Someone else begged them to “give it a rest” as they gave a second round-up of what Aaron has been through.

A third penned: “Of course, Aaron was going to be the person with the faulty gene. And of course he’s going to hide it from everyone. Every soap has its punching bag, and Emmerdale‘s is Aaron.

“I wish soap writers would realise how tiring it is to have a character who only receives storylines of misery.”

They also predicted EVEN MORE heartbreak for Aaron as they predicted an inevitable cancer plot.

The fan added: “Danny said that this is a long-term storyline — that is, he will develop cancer.”

Whilst someone else added they were tired of seeing Aaron play these stories out as they wrote: “They’ve should’ve gave Aarons storyline to Cain, I feel like we’ve seen Aaron do this a million times, it’s so predictable.”

ITVHe visited her in hospital but lied through his teeth about his results[/caption]

ITVSoap fans want Emmerdale to give him a break[/caption]