Geordie Shore legend begs fans for help after son’s choking scare and being told to rush to A&E


GEORDIE Shore star Holly Hagan has pleaded with fans for help after her baby son Alpha-Jax was involved in a choking scare.

The first time mum, 31, has reached out to her army of followers after little Alpha knocked out one of his tiny teeth.

InstagramHolly Hagan has begged fans for help following a health scare with her baby[/caption]

InstagramThe Geordie Shore’s eight-month-old is believed to have swallowed a tooth[/caption]

Holly made a desperate call to NHS 111 and was told to rush her eight-month-old son to A&E to be seen.

In the meantime, the tooth vanished and the reality star is worried Alpha might have unwittingly swallowed it.

Writing on Instagram, Holly said: “Has anyone’s baby knocked their baby tooth out?

“Or do I have any dentists on here… Alpha Jax has knocked out [his tooth].

“Initially called 111 as it was loose and I was worried he’d choke on it and they told us to go to A&E…

“Anyway, the tooth has come out and he’s probably swallowed it but what do we need to do now dentists are closed? x.”

Holly and her husband Jacob Blyth welcomed Alpha-Jax into the world last June. His birth came exactly one year after they tied the knot.

Since becoming a mum, Holly has spoken openly about her new chapter and revealed to fans she suffered from the ‘baby blues’ following her son’s arrival.

The star is regularly praised for showing off her “real” body – including candid snaps of her cellulite.

Holly previously told how her bum had “quadrupled in size” during her pregnancy as she put on 3.5st, and she has kept fans updated with her postpartum weight loss journey.

In December, however, the mum-of-one – who found fame in Geordie Shore in 2011 – revealed she had fallen foul of cruel online trolls.

She was faced with a barrage of derogatory remarks about her post-baby figure and it even left her questioning if she looked “abnormal”.

After posting a picture of herself in gym clothes on Instagram, Holly admitted: “For some reason this video that’s been up for almost a week must’ve hit the explore page yesterday.

“I’m unsure why but it has hit the wrong side. I have never in the 13 years of doing this had so much abuse about the way I look in one hit.

“Last night was comment after comment and today I’ve woken up to 55 more.”

She added: “At this point it’s like what do I even do?

“Do I need to put myself through more surgery to fix this? That terrifies me now knowing I have a child that needs me.

“It could go wrong and I could look worse. Do I genuinely look that abnormal?

“I know I hate the way my hips and bum look and the jacket I’m wearing is size six so it’s exaggerating my waist but I’ve been trying so hard to just accept it because this is a consequence of the choices I made at 22.”

The star has previously revealed she forked out £30K on cosmetic surgery, including three Brazilian Bum Lifts, but ruined her body and regretted it all.

InstagramHolly gave birth to Alpha-Jax last June[/caption]

InstagramThe star put on 3.5st during her pregnancy[/caption]

Instagram / @hollyhaganblythHolly has fallen victim to cruel trolls over her post-baby body[/caption]

The reality star found fame in Geordie Shore in 2011Rex