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Today: May 30, 2024
6 months ago

Gary Neville opens up on heartbreaking topic he ‘never talks about’ in revealing podcast episode

Gary Neville is never one to shy away from talking but there one was one particular topic that the former Manchester United has been reluctant to discuss.

Neville has been regularly underplayed his ability on the pitch, where he spent his entire career at United and won eight Premier League titles.

He’s been vocal about off-the-field problems affecting his performance on the pitch and that happened in 2000.

After the high of winning the historic treble with United, he encountered a dip in form.

It came after Neville split with then-fiancee Hannah Thornley, who he had been engaged to after dating for a number of years.

Marriage was on the horizon but Neville felt trust was gone after Hannah had met someone while on a placement in France.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Hannah is the sister of his former teammate Ben Thornley, who was part of the Class of 92 and made nine league appearances for United.

It made for a tricky period to navigate but on reflection, Neville feels as though it was for the best.

He told The Daily Ketchup Podcast: “I’d been seeing someone for about four, five, six years and that relationship broke up at the same time and it threw me completely.

“Like I was engaged to her and it was my first sort of girlfriend for six years and you think you’re going to be with them forever and all of a sudden it’s over and you think that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“We were going to get married. For me that was something for the best when I look back.

“She went to go and do a placement of six months in France and Germany and she went to Germany first and that was fine and when she went to France for six months, she met someone over there who she got close to who was on the course and when she came back she ended it.

“We did have a couple of meetings after that (the Treble) but it was a few months after and it doesn’t quite work or feel the same because the trust is broken.

“The trust, the feeling is gone. You’ve got me talking about stuff I never talk about!

“The girl that I’m talking about was the sister of one of my good friends [Ben Thornley].”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Neville went on to marry Emma Hadfield in 2007 and the couple have two girls together – Molly and Sophie.