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From your phone to the TV, get a taste of the latest YouTube updates

Last year, we launched a new look and feel for YouTube, adding more modern design elements and features that helped our viewers feel more immersed while watching.

But we are just getting started: Today we are rolling out three dozen new features and design updates to help you get more out of YouTube. Whether you’re watching videos or creating them, here are a few of our favorites.

Get a taste of the latest YouTube updates — from your phone to web!

Even more control over how you watch

  • Easy on the ears: We’re giving you better audio control on mobile devices. Rolling out starting today, “stable volume” will be automatically turned on to reduce jarring differences in volume, for an overall improved watching — and listening! — experience
  • Press to 2x: We know our users love to use different playback speeds on YouTube. If you’re one of the users who enjoy watching videos in double time, it’s now easier to do so. When watching a video either in full screen or portrait mode, just press and hold down anywhere on the player to automatically bump your playback speed to 2x. Once you get to the part of the video you want, simply let go! This feature will be available across web, tablets, and mobile devices.
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