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From Netflix’s The Beautiful Game to Renegade Nell on Disney+ – the best new TV and films to stream next week

A WHOLE host of new shows are becoming available to stream with TV lovers chomping at the bit to dig their teeth into something binge-worthy.

The Sun have rounded up all the best content for you to check out.


The Beautiful Game

FILM Available from Friday

NetflixThe Beautiful Game is coming up on Netflix[/caption]

Bill Nighy stars in this heartwarming movie inspired by the Homeless World Cup, a real-life street football tournament that gives unhoused athletes from around the world a chance to shine. Bill plays the manager of England’s homeless football team, Mal, who is preparing his team to take part in the tournament in Rome when he makes the last-minute decision to include talented but wayward striker Vinny (Michael Ward) in the squad. Can Mal find a way to inspire stubborn Vinny to let go of his past, and to help the team claim victory and change their lives? With an important message at the film’s heart, get ready for an emotional ride.

Is It Cake?

ENTERTAINMENT Available from Friday

© 2024 Netflix, Inc.Is It Cake? first went viral during lockdown[/caption]

Sure, there are a lot of cooking and baking shows on telly right now, but this series is one that definitely deserves its place on our screens and in our hearts. If you’ve never seen it before, you are in for a treat. Eight highly skilled bakers have one task: to make remarkable, hyper-realistic cakes that look so much like everyday objects that they completely fool the guest judges and ensure that they stay in the running to win a big cash prize. Previous series have seen the bakers conjure uncanny cakey sports shoes, bags, toys and toothbrushes, and this third season is just as eye-popping, with cakey octopuses, wine barrels and fire hydrants all on the menu. As ever, comedian Mikey Day is our host, while the celeb judges will include Jay Pharoah, Lauren Lapkus and London Hughes.

The Wages of Fear

FILM Available from Friday

NetflixThe Wages of Fear is a tense thriller[/caption]

A remake of the 1953 French classic – and of Sorcerer, legendary director William Friedkin’s 1977 take on the story – The Wages Of Fear is an action thriller guaranteed to keep those fingernails trim and the edge of your seat warm. When an oil well catches fire in the desert, not far from a refugee camp, the owners discover that they have just 24 hours to put the fire out or risk a terrible catastrophe. Their plan: to dispatch two huge trucks loaded with 200kg of explosives to the well and destroy it. But with time running out, and all manner of lethal obstacles in lying their way on the perilous 800km journey, including armed rebels and minefields, the team must risk everything to avert disaster. In French, with subtitles.


Renegade Nell

DRAMA Available from Friday

Renegade Nell is a historical drama

Fans of Gentleman Jack, prepare for a treat. The hugely talented Sally Wainwright, who created and wrote that show – not to mention other hits such as Happy Valley – has delved back into the past once again and come up with an action-packed, supernatural-tinged swashbuckling new series. It’s the 18th century and after she’s framed for murder, Nell Jackson (Louisa Harland) is forced into a life of highway robbery, joined by her orphaned sisters Roxanne and George. And it turns out that the super-tough young woman is pretty good at it, aided by a mischievous little spirit called Billy Blind (Nick Mohammed). Before long, Nell realises that she has a calling in life, one which she’ll stop at nothing to answer. A spectacular, rollicking adventure, which also stars Joely Richardson, Adrian Lester and Craig Parkinson, and boasts as many big wigs and blunderbusses as you could ever want.

Grey’s Anatomy

DRAMA Available from Thursday

Grey’s Anatomy is coming back

It feels a bit like Grey’s Anatomy has been on telly for ever. In reality, it’s 19 years, which is still a very long time in TV terms. But change is afoot as we return to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for the 20th season of the much-loved medical drama. For the first time since 2005, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will not be the main focus, given that she left during the last series. Don’t worry, though, Meredith fans – she will still be making the odd appearance, and Ellen will continue to provide the show’s voiceover. Plenty of other familiar faces are still hard at work at the hospital, however, including Dr Miranda Bailey, Dr Richard Webber, Dr Owen Hunt, Dr Amelia Shepherd and Dr Jo Wilson. Expect emotional fireworks in both their professional and personal lives.

Next Goal Wins

DRAMA Available from Wednesday

HuluNext Goal Wins will be available on Disney plus[/caption]

When it comes to international football, few teams have suffered defeats as painful as the 31-0 drubbing that American Samoa experienced against Australia in 2001. That result provides the backdrop to this hilarious and heartfelt underdog comedy, loosely based on the truth of what happened next, and written and directed by Taika Waititi. Ten years later, still smarting from that punishing defeat and with the World Cup qualifiers on the horizon, the team decide to hire eccentric Dutch-American coach Thomas Rongen (Michael Fassbender) to whip them into shape and maybe – just maybe – even help them to win a match. Funny, offbeat and boasting Elisabeth Moss and Will Arnett among the cast, it’s a decent, old-fashioned feel-good film.


A Gentleman In Moscow

DRAMA Available from Friday

Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with ShowtimeA Gentleman in Moscow is coming to Paramount plus[/caption]

Welcome to post-revolutionary Russia in the early 20th century. Count Alexander Rostov (Ewan McGregor) was once considered a hero of the revolutionary cause but is now thought to be a threat to the new regime and has been put under house arrest at the Hotel Metropol. Banished to a sparse attic room, his possessions and money confiscated, he’s told that should he ever set foot outside the hotel, he’ll be shot. As the years pass, the impressively moustachioed Count attempts to maintain his dignity, learning how to live under continuous threat of being bumped off by the secret police and forging unlikely friendships along the way, including with curious young girl Nina (Alexa Goodall) and glamorous film star Anna (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Based on the bestselling novel by Amor Towles, it’s an atmospheric, stirring and surprisingly moving drama.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning

FILM Available from Wednesday

Paramount Pictures/Paramount+Mission Impossible fans can expect new stunts[/caption]

Anyone who suspects that Tom Cruise’s true mission impossible these days is still making a convincing action hero at the age of 61 definitely needs to check out this film, which proves that the Hollywood superstar is clearly still at the top of his game as he pulls off action sequences and stunts people half his age would struggle with. For evidence, just watch the scene when he drives off a cliff on a motorbike, before parachuting on to a moving train. But what about the movie itself? Dead Reckoning is an absolute belter, which finds Ethan Hunt (Tom) and his shadowy team of intelligence agents attempting to track down a lethal new weapon that could cause global disaster. But with a dangerous enemy also trying to get their hands on ‘the key’, this is a mission that puts the future of the entire team – and the world – on the line. Hayley Atwell, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson also star.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

KIDS Available from Friday

Paramount+Kids will be excited for another installment of Paw Patrol[/caption]

Those loveable pooches embark on their biggest and toughest mission yet. When a magical meteor lands in Adventure City, it gives the PAW Patrol magical powers – much to Skye’s delight – turning them into The Mighty Pups. But trouble is just around the corner, in the dastardly form of Humdinger, who breaks out of jail and joins forces with a mad scientist to steal the superpowers for themselves. Can our heroes take down these two ruthless supervillains? Another rip-roaring adventure that will keep pre-schoolers enthralled.


American Rust: Broken Justice

CRIME Available from Thursday

Dennis Mong/Prime VideoJeff Daniels stars as Detective Del Harris in this American crime drama[/caption]

Jeff Daniels returns as careworn police chief Del Harris, who spends his days investigating shocking crimes in the atmospheric Pennsylvania town of Buell. As this second season opens, we find Del and the woman he loves, Grace (Maura Tierney), coping with the aftermath of the events of the first – when Grace’s son was accused of murder, placing Del in a dangerously compromised position. And when a series of seemingly unrelated murders shock the town, Del risks everything to find those responsible, uncovering a potentially shocking conspiracy that looks set to get very personal. Gritty and nerve-shredding, with impressive central performances from both Jeff and Maura.


Steve! (Martin)

DOCUMENTARY Available from Friday

Apple TVSteve Martin is set to look back on his life in this documentary[/caption]

With his shock of white hair and zany personality, Steve Martin is one of the most recognisable, respected and well-loved comedians and actors of the last 50 years. His eventful life and glittering career are explored in this two-part documentary, which features tonnes of archive footage and clips from movies including comedy favourites Father Of The Bride and The Three Amigos, and hit shows such as the brilliant Only Murders In The Building. With Steve being a revolutionary stand-up, talented musician and acclaimed actor, it’s little surprise that there’s a queue of other big names ready to give their opinion on the man, including Jerry Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Martin Short and, of course, Steve himself. A delightful tribute to a true legend.

Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock

KIDS Available from Friday

Apple+This beloved show is returning to screens with reboot Back To The Rock[/caption]

Children of the 80s were chuffed when the brilliantly bizarre Fraggle Rock – originally a creation of Muppets main man Jim Henson – was given a shiny new reboot in 2022, allowing them the chance to share the show with their own kids. Back To The Rock featured all the familiar characters from the original – including Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey and Boober – and took the gang off on exciting, usually musical adventures. The rebooted version returns this week for a new run, with the Fraggles, their neighbours, those diligent workers the Doozers and the giant gorgs, needing to team up to protect their subterranean home.


Coop Troop

KIDS Available from Thursday

ITVCoop Troop is coming to ITVX[/caption]

Anyone can be a hero, even if you’re small and furry or covered in feathers. Yes, the intrepid and heroic Coop Troop bustle their way back on to our screens in a bunch of new episodes. Keen to escape the boredom of farm life, and determined to help any animal with a problem, the Troop – hyperactive rabbit Maggie, eccentric inventor Flo the chicken, self-indulgent pig Clive, excitable lamb Billy and enigmatic unhatched egg Jo d’Oeuf – are fearless and up for anything, no matter how dangerous or daft. Which is good, as there’s always something going on with the pets of neighbouring town Animauville. Joyous kids’ adventures.


Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of TV

DOCUMENTARY Available from Monday

Investigation DiscoveryThe dark underbelly of working in TV gets exposed in Quiet On Set[/caption]

The bright, colourful and supposedly carefree world of US kids’ TV in the 1990s and 2000s goes under the microscope in this hard-hitting four-parter, which centres around various hit programmes that were produced by influential showrunner Dan Schneider, the man behind series such as The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, iCarly and Sam & Cat. It features accusations of abuse, bullying and toxicity made by former child stars including Drake Bell and Alexa Nikolas, and by behind-the-camera talent too. Prepare for a disturbing portrait of what can happen when people in positions of responsibility and care allegedly abuse their power.



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