Frankie Sims reveals truth behind explosive feud with sister Chloe as she hits back at being called a ‘user’


FRANKIE Sims has revealed the truth behind her explosive feud with her sister Chloe and hit back at being called a “user”.

The former Towie star, 27, said there were several underlying reasons for the fallout that have not been aired, which has resulted in Frankie not speaking to Chloe for the last five months.

PAFrankie Sims said she and sister Demi had felt ‘disrespected’ by Chloe and Charlie[/caption]

GettyFrankie said she won’t be extending an olive branch to Chloe Sims anytime soon[/caption]

PAThe reality star said there were ‘bubbling tensions’ between the family for a while now[/caption]

Frankie said she felt “disrespected” at times by Chloe, 42, and brother Charlie, 32 and said she was being left out of big decisions when they moved to Los Angeles to film their OFTV series.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Frankie said: “The fact that it’s been portrayed that I’ve fallen out with my whole family over a WIFI bill, obviously that isn’t accurate – there are so many other things that happened leading up to that, which caused such high tensions around that.

“And there were things that happened afterwards as well, that led me to not speak to Chloe, Charlie [Sims] and Georgia [Shults].

“It wasn’t just ‘I had a row with Charlie over a WIFI bill and I’m randomly not talking to Chloe and Georgia, how it’s been made to look’.

“There were a lot of things that happened before and after that, that aren’t included on the show and lead to me and Demi going one way.”

Frankie admitted that she had disagreements with her older siblings before the explosive row – saying it wasn’t a one-off.

“There were definitely bubbling tensions beforehand and after the argument there were sides being taken and people leaving me out, which lead me to say ‘okay cool, I’ll just go my own way with things’, which haven’t been covered.”

In the first episode of series two, viewers watched Chloe throw a drink at her sisters after things got heated.

Frankie branded Chloe a “bully”, while Chloe slammed her sister as a “user”.

Addressing the insults, Frankie said: “It’s not a nice word to say at all and it just came out because I had a cup of water thrown in my face and you just reach for the first word that you can think of but I don’t know how I would have reacted in any other way in that situation.

“But I honestly don’t know what she’s talking about in regards to calling us ‘users’ – I’ve never used her or anyone in my family for anything, we’ve all worked together.

“We’ve all built this family unit, we’ve all built this name ‘The Sims Sisters’ together and we all got this opportunity together as a whole and the show wouldn’t work without any of us in it.

“It needs all five of us in it to work – so I don’t think anyone’s used anyone.

“I hope it was a heat of the moment term because it’s definitely not accurate in my eyes.”

The series was filmed last year and Frankie and Demi left Los Angeles. after struggling to get accepted on an apartment.

“Me and Demi left LA because we couldn’t get the credit accepted on an apartment and decided to go back to England because we both have homes here,” Frankie told us.

“We came back and we’ve got so many friends here and so much family – we are really happy here and it was the right decision for us.

“But we haven’t seen or spoken to Chloe since October and I speak to Charlie but only on a professional basis.”

Despite the five month radio silence, reality star Frankie said she won’t be extending an olive branch anytime soon.

Frankie said: “I think I’m fine the way things are at the moment, it’s really good to let the dust settle.

“It’s good for everyone to be in their good headspace for now – so keep your eyes peeled for series three I suppose.”

When asked if she has intentions to patch things up, Frankie said: “I really don’t know, what happened obviously when we met up, I thought we were going to patch things up but obviously things escalated and I didn’t expect to have a drink thrown in my face.

“I think we’re quite an unpredictable family and I can’t really predict series three.

“I feel that they’re waiting for me to apologise, but I’ve said very clearly that they’ve done things to hurt me and I did call them up and say ‘this isn’t okay, I feel like me and Demi are not being respected’ and they didn’t like that.

“Sometimes in life, if you see something so differently to other people, you have to accept it and move on.

“When we moved out to Los Angeles tensions did get high – I don’t know if it was because we were living together or spending so much time.”

Frankie admitted that the feud has caused a divide in their family – but said her famous cousin Joey Essex is stuck in the middle – and has refused to take sides despite him being in LA with Chloe. 

“Everyone is just staying out of it, I guess if you’re not really there you can’t take sides because you don’t really see what happened for yourself,” Frankie said.

“With Joey, he’s just completely in the middle, he’s obviously close with us all and it’s just best that way for people to not get involved because things can escalate.”

Frankie went onto hit out at trolls saying the feud is not real and for TV.

She said: “It’s been hard, it’s probably the most difficult year of my life and just like adjusting to having less family in my life around me.

“It is what it is and everything happens for a reason.

“I don’t know what this happened but you just have to get on with it.”

When asked if she’s missing her big sister Chloe, Frankie said: “Me and Demi have been so busy since we got back from filming – we’ve been working on our OnlyFans platform, we’ve brought out our own podcast which we’ve filmed a whole series of.

“We’ve been keeping really busy and I think this whole thing has launched me and Demi into work.”

Although there is plenty of fallouts and fiery clashes this series, Frankie promised that there will be a lot of hilarious moments.

She said: “There are more dramatic moments to unfold and dramatic situations, so stay tuned. But there are more laughs and exciting things to come.

“For me personally, I had a boyfriend at the time that nobody knew about, he hadn’t met most of my family and he flew out to America to spend time with me.

“That was quite exciting for me to bring on camera.

“We do show more other than drama.

“I haven’t had boyfriend at the time, he’s not in the public eye at all – I think he’s the last two episodes that he featured in.

“I’m no longer with him, I just think it didn’t work out but he was in my life at the right time.”

Frankie said she is hoping to return for series three, adding: “I think we should focus on being more fun and light-hearted and an easy watch for the viewers because series two is quite heated.”

Viewers were left shocked when the Sims sisters clashed on the first instalment of series two.

The altercation ended with Chloe throwing a drink at Demi .

Chloe yelled, “You’re rude to me, you’re both f**king users,” to which Frankie yelled, “You’re a bully,” and Demi added, “You’re embarrassing.”

Crew members had to intervene and separate the siblings.

In another scene, Chloe broke down, and said: “They’re the absolute worst, they’re evil.”

A source told us: “Chloe’s fallen out with her sisters big time.

“They’ve gone their separate ways after a huge fight broke out in LA, where they’d been filming the show.

“Chloe’s decided to stay out there while Frankie and Demi have left her and headed back home to Essex to pursue their own careers.”

SplashFrankie and Demi quit LA after struggling to get an apartment[/caption]