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Fern Britton’s behaviour is ‘chilling’ claims expert who reveals key signs CBB star is being fake – on The Sun’s podcast

A BODY language expert has labelled Fern Britton’s behaviour as “chilling”.

Speaking to The Sun’s Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown podcast, in association with Press Box PR, Darren Stanton has revealed the key signs that “prove” Fern is “masking her real feelings”.

Fern Britton has been accused of faking her actions in the HouseEroteme

RexShe has a run-in with Nikita in Tuesday night’s episode[/caption]

It comes as former This Morning host Fern faces the public vote for the third time this series ahead of tonight’s double eviction.

Fern saved Louis Walsh when a twist meant the person she nominated for eviction got a place in the final.

Commenting on Fern’s body language, Darren told us: “I’ve seen a very different side to her. Some of it is quite chilling because she’s really good at masking emotion.

“The whole thing about the snake… If you imagine yourself in a situation that you’ve got someone sat within a few feet that you have effectively just backstabbed…

“What I noticed from a body language point of view is that Fern began to touch her neck.

“So this is what we call a reassurance gesture or a pacifying gesture. We use it to make ourselves feel less anxious. It’s almost a self hug.

“When Louis said, ‘one of you put that snake in my bed’ her eyes kind of looked down because unconsciously when we feel shame we put out heads down.”

Fern has cried “tears of joy” about her experience in the Celebrity Big Brother House – but also complained she was feeling “left out”, “forgotten” and made to feel “old”.

Tonight she has an argument with fan favourite Nikita Kuzmin.

She politely tells him that he made an “ageist” comment while complimenting her jumper.

The row ends with Nikita telling Fern she’s made him feel “uncomfortable”.

Darren said: “I think that’s a chilling part of her personality. It’s like something off Spooks, you know, like she gets people’s trust, and gets that gets the kind of that rapport with them and it’s quite Machiavellian, really, in a way that she does it.

“She’s very good, but also I find a little bit chilling.

“She has an ability to operate on sort of two levels, if you like. She’ll be feeling a certain way, but act another. She will also deliver criticism to somebody else. A lot of people would find that very hard whereas she finds it just so easy.

“There’s lots of hidden depths that we’ve not really seen because Fern’s always come over like your auntie when she was on This Morning. She was a lovable sort of Teddy bear character.

“She’s definitely got these hidden depths.. We’ve all got a dark side, but she’s got these abilities to really go inside and and cut people to the quick.”

Darren admits Fern is someone who covers up how she’s really feeling.

“Fern’s very, very good at masking her emotions,” he adds.

“I’ve seen that all the way through this series that she can say one thing, but really be feeling another whereas some of the people they’ll tend to wear their heart on their sleeve and be be a lot more open.

“People will tend to let their guard down when they’re living literally inside each pocket, but with Fern she’s so good at keeping those barriers up.

“It does make her a very formidable competitor, really.”

Darren added: “She is very good at crocodile tears. She’s very good at accessing emotion very much like a method actor.

“She’s also very good at portraying a certain emotion to the rest of the group. On one level, I think she’s kind of ready to go, but I think also one part of that competitive side of her is really pulling out all the stops to win.”

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