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Fans think Conor McGregor’s new baby boy is ‘destined for greatness’

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has announced the name of his fourth child after he and fiancee Dee Devlin welcomed a new baby boy.

A few days ago McGregor took to X to confirm the birth, with the newborn coming in at 8.1lbs.

McGregor wrote: “My baby boy is born! Mammy and baby doing amazing, 8.1lbs of prime Irish double champion beef!”

In another post, he said: “Skin on skin. Another chunky healthy boy into the world. Dee you are my hero.”

McGregor did not reveal the name immediately but on Monday night, the Notorious fighter introduced ‘Mack McGregor’ to the world.

McGregor has three other children, with eldest six-year-old Conor Jr. He also has four-year-old Croia and two-year-old Rian.

The name is a surprise and unusual one but plenty of fans believe that Mack will achieve stardom like his famous father.

One wrote: “Solid name. He’s destined for greatness that boy.”

A second joked: “Mack looks ready to take on the light heavy weights already.”

A third said: “Already got the hand wraps on ya boy. He’s ready for the ring.”

A fourth user predicted: “I can see an undisputed heavyweight boxer in him at 2045.”

Another person commented: “Dude is 0 years old and he has already wrapped his arm for sparring. His father’s son.”

A final fan added: “Congratulations kid´s looking like a beast already.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

McGregor has already predicted that his eldest, Conor Jr, will become world champion one day.

The Irishman has regularly posted videos of him training the youngster, including heartwarming footage in August.

Conor Jr showed impressive skills while being coached by the two-weight UFC champion, who was wowed.

McGregor wrote: “Everyday better If I am tasty shots my son is gorgeous shots.

“Conor McGregor Junior your shots are just gorgeous to watch! If you wish to do it, you will do it easily.”



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