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Today: May 30, 2024
6 months ago

Fans surprised after spotting who Luton’s club doctor is during Premier League clash against Arsenal

Viewers of Tuesday night’s Premier League clash between Luton Town and Arsenal spotted a familiar face on the Kenilworth Road bench.

With the score tied at 1-1 after goals from Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Osho, the Amazon Prime team panned towards Luton manager Rob Edwards, who must have been proud of his team’s efforts against the Premier League leaders.

But rather than comment on Edwards’ reaction to what was going on in the game, fans noticed the youngest first-team club doctor in England’s top flight – Dr Amos Ogunkoya.

Amos, who was sat behind Edwards on the subs bench, appeared on popular BBC reality show The Traitors this year.

Many were aware of his profession after the 31-year-old doctor opened up about his job during the programme but many were unaware of his role at newly-promoted Luton.

One fan said: “Amos from The Traitors being Luton’s Club Doctor has really made my day,” while another commented: “Noticed him come onto the pitch to treat a player when they played us at OT the other week. Pretty mad.”

A third wrote: “I’ve been wondering where I’ve seen the fella on the bench from Luton. It’s only bloody Amos from the Traitors!”

After the show finished this year, Amos, who has a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine, would go on to become a team doctor at League Two side Colchester United after studying at Queen Mary University.

He then joined Luton ahead of their first ever Premier League campaign.

Speaking about his journey into football to the Royal College of General Practitioners‘ website, he said: “I knew it was an option, but it became more apparent that it was actually doable and that the path to being with a top team was achievable.

“I think about it like this – there are few doctors in general and few doctors and sports scientists. I was experienced and had further qualifications, and few doctors have experience in football, so once you get those steps in, it becomes more likely.

“I didn’t think I’d be in the Premier League this quickly, but it was always part of the plan.”