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Today: May 30, 2024
5 months ago

Fans have worked out what Morgan Gibbs-White said in pre-match huddle before Man Utd game, it speaks volumes

Fans think Morgan Gibbs-White delivered brutal summary of Manchester United players ahead of Nottingham Forest’s 2-1 win on Saturday.

After Marcus Rashford cancelled out Nicolas Dominguez’s opener, Gibbs-White scored the opener from a cut-back delivered by former United winger Anthony Elanga.

It was a 14th defeat in all competitions for United, who are experiencing their worst start to the season since in 93 years.

A 3-2 comeback win over Aston Villa offered promise but United continue to be look as disjointed.

And in the pre-match huddle, fans appear to have worked out Gibbs-White’s remark about United’s players.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s side were going through final instructions ahead of kick-off and one fan/lip-reading expert believes Gibbs White uttered the words: “Look at their faces, they don’t want to be here”.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

He was seen gesturing to his own face before other players said their piece.

The camera would then pan to United midfielder Christian Eriksen not long after.

The attitude and application of United’s stars has been a discussion point throughout the season.

And the alleged put-down from Gibbs-White brought a whole lot of reaction from fans on social media.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

One agreed: “He’s right, but it’s the same every game. The weight of playing for Manchester United is too much for this group of players. They can’t handle it and they’re not enjoying it.”

A second said: “You know your club is beyond repair when Nottingham Forest players are saying that. My god, we will never be back.”

A third weighed in, writing: “Completely right, Utd didn’t fancy it!”

A fourth added: “They certainly played that way.”

Another commented: “Love MGW saying ‘they don’t wanna be here’.

A sixth summarised: “Bang on….they weren’t up for it at all. Man U are the new Spurs of the past 20 years.”

United return to action next weekend when they travel to Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup third round.