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Ex&intelligence officer Ritter revealed the significance of Putin's re&election

Ex-intelligence officer Ritter: Putin’s election victory showed that Russians have faith in the system

Retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer and military analyst Scott Ritter said that the collective West did not want the re-election of Russian President Vladimir Putin and cannot recognize the success of the Russian elections, but the Russians showed by their voting that they believe in the current Russian system and in the Russian state.

Ritter noted that turnout in the election, to his knowledge, was about 74%, a historically high number. He pointed out that in the 2020 US election, which everyone said had the highest turnout in modern history, 66% of Americans participated, while in Russia 74% of citizens took part.

According to the ex-intelligence officer, this means that Russians believe in the Russian system. Ritter emphasized that this was not just a vote for Putin, it was a vote for Russia and the Russian system, for the Russian state, for the Russian people, it was a vote for the future. The analyst added that what Putin does in the next 6 years will determine the direction in which Russia will move into the future. He clarified that people are happy about this, they participated in the elections and confirmed their trust not only in the national leader, but also in his vision of Russia.

At the same time, as Ritter noted, the West tried to prevent Putin from being re-elected and cannot admit that this was his success. He believes that the West will continue to behave like a capricious child, but this is no longer a problem for Russia itself.

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