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England football legend reveals he turned down Celebrity Big Brother – and reason he’ll never be persuaded

ENGLAND football legend David Seaman has revealed he was asked to go on Celebrity Big Brother – but turned it down.

The former goalkeeper, 60, insists he will NEVER be persuaded to enter the famous House.

FCADavid Seaman has ruled out a reality TV return to Celebrity Big Brother[/caption]

Speaking to The Sun as he promoted a campaign on behalf of the Financial Conduct Authority, David said: “I was asked to go in it a long time ago.

“It’s not for me, you know, I’d maybe consider doing I’m A Celebrity because that’s like when I go fishing, I’m out camping and everything, I’d be pretty used to that.

“But Big Brother, I’d just be sat around doing nothing, not being able to watch football or go fishing…

“That’s like torture to me.”

David took part in Dancing on Ice’s first-ever series back in 2006.

He met his future wife Frankie on the show when she was working as a pro-skater.

David says the pair were out skating recently, adding “the passion never leaves you”.

We caught up the Arsenal legend as he took on commuters in a public penalty shoot-out at London’s King’s Cross Station – and tried to help people get more for their savings. 

The ex-stopper saved a total of 16 out of 26 shots from members of the public over a 5-minute period, showing that the Premier League-winning goalie is still capable of an excellent save or two. 

David was taking part in the Financial Conduct Authority’s campaign to encourage savers to shop around for a better interest rate – and the goalie says it could only take 5 minutes to search for a better savings account.

“I’m here today with the FCA to encourage people to shop around for a better rate to make a better deal and save more”, he said.

“I’m saving up for a brand new pair of skates.”

After finishing in fourth place on Dancing on Ice, David went on to appear on a number of other reality show.

In 2002, David and his wife Frankie starred in the second series of The Masked Dancer as “Pillar and Post”.

They were unmasked in the fifth episode.

He also featured in both seasons of ITV show Harry’s Heroes, following former football manager Harry Redknapp get a squad of ex-England international footballers back fit and healthy for a game against Germany legends.

FCAHe saved goals against members of the public as part of a FCA campaign today[/caption]



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