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Emmerdale’s Tom King leaves wife Belle Dingle in tears with vile abuse

EMMERDALE’S Tom King has left wife Belle Dingle in tears tonight as his vile abuse continued.

The vet – who is played by actor James Chase in the ITV soap – has been slowly trying to take control of Belle and tonight he went even further.

ITVTom is slowly taking control of wife Belle in the disturbing storyline[/caption]

ITVBelle has no idea about her husband’s abuse with it being so insidious[/caption]

With Belle beginning her new job at Take A Vow, against Tom’s plans to get her pregnant and trapped with him, the abuser realised he had to step up his sick games.

First he tried to talk her around but she’d made her mind up about the job so he had no choice but to fake his pride.

And then when he saw Belle’s rich new client he realised he had to do something drastic.

Heading back to the vets he took out a scalpel and cut himself on his hand and then called Belle pretending to be seriously injured.

“I’ve just cut myself, it’s serious. Hurry please,” he shouted.

But his plot failed when Belle grabbed Dr Liam and rushed over.

Pretending it was Belle’s mistake, she ripped him a new one telling him to “put a plaster on, you baby”.

Later he tried again, trying to interrupt the client meeting with an over the top apology, leading Belle to call out his inappropriate behaviour.

Stewing at her self-esteem and defiance of his controlling behaviour, he took his abuse to a new level.

Waiting outside Take A Vow’s office, he scratched the client’s expensive sports car before bumping into him and sabotaging Belle by lying about his own wedding.


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Throwing Leyla under the bus, he told the client about her cocaine use and it worked with the client pulling out.

Belle was left in tears as her dream job collapsed on her first day while Tom his is involvement and pretended to support her.



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