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Emmerdale’s Eric Pollard in danger as ‘killer’ Amit Sharma sets his sights on him

EMMERDALE’S Eric Pollard is in serious danger as killer Amit Sharma has lined him up as his next victim.

The businessman – who is played by actor Chris Chittell in the ITV soap – has been celebrating after one of his retirement investments came good, giving him a boatload of cash to enjoy himself with.

ITVEric Pollard is being lined up as Amit Sharma’s next victim in Emmerdale[/caption]

ITVAmit is in need of money – and Eric has more than enough of it for the taking[/caption]

However with his Parkinson’s diagnosis, his friends and family have been worried about him.

That’s had the worrying consequence of Eric feeling sidelined and wanting to prove he can still compete in business.

He ended up in a pool match with Amit where the men both bet but Eric lost and ended up lashing out at Brenda and Jacob for worrying about him.

And he walked straight into Amit’s trap.

“I might have something in the pipeline that could be right up your street,” he told Eric. 

“I’m looking into getting into the antiques trade. 

“There’s a big market for European stuff in Asia. And it’s pretty profitable if you know what you’re doing. 

“I might be able to use your know how on this side of things. We could be quite the dynamic duo.”

Later Amit convinced Eric he was trustworthy by conning him – by taking his phone and then returning it to him claiming he’d found it.


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

Eric suspects nothing and he’s in danger of losing his cash but could he lose more?

Viewers know Amit had something to do with his brother Rishi’s tragic death, so could he kill Eric for his cash?



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