Emmerdale legend in danger as he confronts Amit Sharma over Rishi’s murder


AMIT Sharma has made it clear to viewers there are no limits to what he can as he is rumoured to have killed his own brother Rishi.

Coming up in Emmerdale, one legend decides to confront the treacherous newcomer with the truth. But could they pay for it?

ITVAmit Sharma has been suspected of killing his brother Rishi[/caption]

ITVEric Pollard is determined to get to the bottom of things[/caption]

ITVAnd he faces Jai with his doubts about Amit[/caption]

Jai Sharma was crushed when he found out he was adopted last year, a secret that had been kept from him for several decades by his adoptive father (and biological uncle) Rishi Sharma.

And while he was supposed to celebrate his nuptials with Laurel Thomas, Jai was further devastated when Rishi seemingly slipped and fell down his stairs to his death.

Although his tragic demise was ruled accidental, suspicions have been rife as ITV watchers are aware nothing is ever really as it seems in the eponymous village.

The arrival of Rishi’s brother Amit (portrayed by Anil Goutam) and a flashback scene which placed him with the late character on the day he died convinced viewers that Rishi’s death could have actually involved foul play.

In more recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based program, Amit seemed to cryptically reveal he was responsible for Rishi’s death before deciding to scam Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell).

Unfortunately for him, Pollard is wiser than he perhaps expected as the long-standing Dales resident confronts him over Rishi’s death.

Coming up, Pollard’s rattled after Amit coldly warns him to keep out of his affairs, but he’s determined to keep digging.

Unbeknownst to Amit, Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) is helping Pollard and has swiped his keys to Holdgate.

Vinny then urges Eric to see what evidence can be found there and as he furtively enters Holdgate in other scenes, Pollard is chilled to walk past the spot where Rishi died last summer.

Meanwhile, Amit realises something isn’t right and his suspicions fail to be extinguished due to Vinny’s repeated glances at the clock and circular conversation.

When he realises his keys are also missing, Amit gets confirmation he is being played and he strides out of Hide.


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Vinny makes a panicked call to Pollard to warn him but as obliviously rifles through Amit’s files in Holdgate for a killer clue, Pollard pays no heed to his phone ringing on silent.

In later scenes, Pollard lays his cards on the table and pleads with Amit’s son Jai (Chris Bisson) to believe his suspicions about Amit but he’s left utterly defeated when pitying Jai dismisses him.

As they realise what they got themselves into, Pollard and Vinny fear they’ve provoked a murderer.

Could they pay for it with their lives?

This wouldn’t be the first time Vinny crosses a killer as he almost managed to have serial murderer Meena Jutla exposed for her evil deeds in an attempt to get his then-girlfriend Liv Flaherty freed from prison as she’d been accused of murdering Ben Tucker.

Vinny refused to back down and landed himself in a barn, held against his will with Meena’s older sister, Manpreet Sharma.

The fan favourite character almost died due to Meena making plans to gas them both and leaving them to perish in a barn but they were saved just in time by Dr Liam Cavanagh.

Could history repeat itself for Vinny?

Did Amit really kill Rishi?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

ITVVinny helps Pollard get answers[/caption]

ITVBut could they both pay for it with their lives?[/caption]