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Emmerdale legend dies in heartbreaking storyline after real&life actor’s tragic death

FANS are keeping up to speed with all the drama slowly unfolding in the Dales on weeknights.

Another shock is due in Emmerdale as villagers will receive news about one legend following the death of the actress portraying her.

One Emmerdale legend will get her final storyline, months after her death

Pearl Ladderbanks star Meg Johnson passed away last summerRex

Her character hadn’t been seen in the Dales since 2020ITV

Multiple storylines in the eponymous village are keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, from Amit Sharma’s plan to con legend Eric Pollard to Belle King’s coercive control ordeal at the hands of her abusive husband Tom.

But in scenes due to air on ITV, as Digital Spy forum users have discovered, residents of the Dales will be getting news from one character they seem to have forgotten all about.

In an upcoming trip to Yorkshire, villagers will be devastated to hear that Pearl Ladderbanks has passed away and the upcoming plot has left fans thinking.

“Interesting they are going to kill Pearl off when they didn’t for Betty or Zoe Tate. I wonder if it’s because they did get exits, whereas Pearl never did”, one viewer responded.

Another recalled: “I think it’s only right that they should do this – Pearl was a part of the village for such a long time and had strong connections with Vanessa, Rhona and Paddy from when she worked at the vets’ with them at the very least.”

Regular viewers of the long-running show will remember that Pearl was portrayed by actress Meg Johnson and was first introduced to life in Emmerdale in 2003.

A reputed gossip, she was also known as the vet surgery receptionist before Dawn Fletcher took on the job herself.

Pearl bonded with multiple characters throughout her years in the village but she eventually left the village in 2020 and decided to live in a static caravan in Demdyke.

Off-screen, however, things were taking a tragic turn for Meg Johnson.

The soap actress passed away at her home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on July 1, 2023, at 86 years old.

In a statement, her family said that she had spent her last years battling dementia while Emmerdale paid an emotional tribute to her in the wake of her death.

But how will the news of her death be received in Emmerdale?


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

While this remains to be seen, another star who has drawn their last breath off-screen waits for the end of their own story in the drama, as one fan pointed out.

The viewer reacted to the upcoming announcement of Pearl’s death by penning: “Wonder if they’ll do same with Zak at some point.”

“Presumably, after Steve Halliwell’s family have a say on the storyline, and give the go-ahead”, another wrote back.

A third soap watcher agreed: “I’d imagine so, when Steve Halliwell’s family are ready. I’d like to think several Dingles no longer on the show will return to pay their respects at Zak’s eventual funeral.”

Much like Meg before him, Zak Dingle actor Steve Halliwell died off-screen in December, 2023, at the age of 77.

Prior to his death, viewers were told that his on-screen alter ego was encountering health issues but remained in Scotland with his granddaughter Debbie.

Will viewers and villagers finally get an ending for Zak?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Yorkshire TelevisionVillagers will soon get news about Pearl’s death in Demdyke[/caption]

Fans have wondered if Zak Dingle will also die off-screen following the passing of actor Steve HalliwellRex



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