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Emmerdale fans thrilled by ‘soap first’ in village vet scenes – but are distracted by string of new cast members

EMMERDALE fans were thrilled by a ‘soap first’ in village vet scenes – but were distracted by a string of new cast members.

Tuesday’s episode of the ITV soap saw Belle visit husband Tom at the vet surgery.

Emmerdale fans have been left distracted by large animals in the vet surgery

Belle Dingle found herself roped in to work on the reception

Viewers couldn’t believe the size of the dog and the rabbit in the waiting area

However, things got a bit hectic and Belle ended up being roped in to man the phones, while a number of clients sat in the waiting room for their appointments.

Suzy Merton arrived to speak to Belle about a job opportunity at Take A Vow, which she had mentioned to Tom.

But Belle was baffled as to why her new husband hadn’t told her about the potential role, which she was keen to take.

However, Emmerdale viewers were too distracted by all the animals in the vets reception – including a big dog and a large white rabbit – to concentrate on the dialogue.

Taking to X – formerly Twitter – one wrote: “The animal cast booker: ‘Yes can we have the largest dog and largest rabbit in the world please.’”

Another added: “Animals? In the vets? Stop the press.”

A third tweeted: “Are they really big animals in the vets or are the owners really small?”

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “It was nice to see some animals in the vets waiting room. It always annoys me how barely any characters in soaps have pets most people have cats or dogs or both.”

But another lamented: “It comes to something when the highlight of an episode is oversized animals at the vets.”

Later in the episode, Belle confronted Tom over him failing to tell her about the job at Take A Vow.

Tom, who is starting to control his new wife, insisted it was because he wanted them to start a family soon, and so it would be better if she worked with him instead.

But viewers were desperate for Belle to wake up to his behaviour and actions, with one writing: “Belle for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT reproduce with that absolute wetwipe of a husband of yours.

“He will completely destroy and alienate.”

Another added: “Oh oh. Tom and Belle creating their own nuclear family – a perfect breeding ground for abuse.”

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.



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