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EastEnders’ Stacey Slater exposed by vengeful ex Martin Fowler in blistering row

EASTENDERS’ cheater Stacey Slater has been exposed by her vengeful ex Martin Fowler tonight.

The baps flogger – who is played by actress Lacey Turner in the BBC soap – was caught kissing lover Jack Branning by ex Martin last night.

BBCStacey has been exposed for yet another Branning affair[/caption]

BBCMartin couldn’t resist sticking the knife into Stacey again[/caption]

In tonight’s episode she tried desperately to convince Martin to keep quiet but that didn’t last long.

It only took Chelsea Fox telling Martin he was ruining the evening for him to inform her of the truth and expose Jack’s cheating with Stacey.

And heeding her own words, Chelsea promptly ignored everything to fly into the living room screaming about their affair and attacking Stacey.

A huge fight erupted with Jack pulling Chelsea off Stacey, and then beginning to brawl with Martin.

The fight spilled out into the Square with Stacey’s daughter Lily screaming that she hated her.

Harvey rushed over and pulled Jack and Martin apart while Chelsea took Denise inside.

“Happy?” said Martin as Chelsea led Denise away from the carnage.

“Why do you do it Stace? You just see a happily married couple and just…”

“Happy?” she fired back. 

“He wouldn’t have even looked in my direction if they were happy. And anyway she was all over Ravi first…”

But Martin was having none of it and told Stacey some home truths.

“This is just what you do Stace, isn’t it?” he raged. 

“Hurt everyone around you. Friends… family… me. Just so you get what you think that you want.”

He stormed off leaving her stood with Jack in the street.

Now spoilers have revealed the moment Stacey begs daughter Lily to forgive her for yet another Branning affair.

But will Lily forgive her? And how will Stacey deal with Martin’s betrayal? 



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