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EastEnders legend returns and makes a devastating discovery in comeback scenes

AN EASTENDERS legend made a shock return to Walford tonight and made a devastating discovery.

The BBC soap welcomed back actor James Bye after a short break from the role of Martin Fowler.

Martin made a shock return tonight – and made an even more shocking discovery

BBCWill Martin expose the cheating twosome?[/caption]

He left the Square earlier this year to go and help his sister Michelle recover from surgery in Australia.

However his surprise return was not without drama – and he walked into discovering a shock affair.

The fruit and veg flogger walked back into a shock when he arrived at the Brannings for a family BBQ to find ex Stacey kissing Jack.

Jack would be the third Branning Stacey had been involved with after marrying Bradley, having an affair with his dad Max – twice – and then moving onto Max’s brother Jack last year.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Martin said in shock.

In recent months, Martin was keen to rekindle his relationship with former wife Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) but things got out of hand due to Theo Hawthorne’s meddling and her choice to resort to online sex work.

This left Martin feeling insecure as he caught Stacey flirting with other men for cash and, after a few moments of bliss, both him and his ex-wife agreed to leave things be.

Spoilers have now revealed the aftermath of Martin’s discovery.

Terrified to face consequences, Jack and Stacey insist to Martin that the kiss was a moment of madness and beg him not to tell Denise.

The hairstylist’s daughter Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) interrupts and is suspicious when Stacey rushes after Martin.

When alone, Stacey admits to the affair with Jack and tells Martin it’s over and the whole thing is none of his business.

But will he listen?



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