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EastEnders finally confirms Sharon Watts’ return after she disappeared following Keanu Taylor’s death

EastEnders have finally revealed that Sharon Watts will be back in a matter of weeks.

The soap icon, played by actress Letitia Dean, disappeared from the show following the highly-publicised The Six storyline.

BBCSharon Watts will be back on the Square next month[/caption]

BBCThe star fled following the murder of Keanu[/caption]

Her would-be husband Keanu Taylor was brutally stabbed by Linda Carter after he attempted to strangle Sharon when he discovered that little Albie was not his son.

Since then, Sharon has fled the country and has been in Australia but that is all about to change again soon.

The Walford icon will be back on the Square from April 1st.

Sharon will be likely stunned to see the state her fellow Six women are in after they covered up the crime.

Having been away for virtually all of the aftermath and even the permanent disposal of the body, Sharon has a lot to catch up on.

Viewers will also be intrigued to see how she is coping with the events and how she will support Denise Fox in her mental health battle and her best friend Linda Carter who has drowned back into alcoholism.

She is also likely to be shocked to discover that Linda’s son Johnny knows all about the murder after she spilled all on the events of Christmas Day to him.

Revelling in the news of her return, one fan said online: “I’m fascinated to see the dynamics between her and the rest of The Six after she took off and left them to face the trauma of breakdowns, alcoholism, sending husbands to prison, signing over businesses and homes to the evil ex husband.” [sic]

Another added: “I predict it will be a very big year for Sharon as she was absent for 3 months so it’s likely she will be one of the most prominent characters for the rest of the year.”

A third went on to say: “I hope this means Keanu’s body will be discovered soon and not left for months.

“The build up to the Christmas Day death was 9 months of clever interwoven slow burn plots, it would be nice if the reveal comes sooner rather than later.”

The confirmation of Sharon’s return comes just days after fans were left assured that she would be bringing a fellow Walford icon with her – Vicki Fowler.

Vicki left the soap in 2004, and it was later revealed that she had moved to Australia and reunited with ex Spencer.

She was remembered for her many plot lines and illusive accent during her stint on the Square.

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This means it could be plausible that Sharon met with her sibling while they were both in the same country, encouraging her to come back home to London.

Martin Fowler, who is Vicki’s brother, has also already returned to the soap this year.

BBCThe Walford icon is gearing up for a return[/caption]



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