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David Potts’ handsome twin brother who looks nothing like him revealed after star wins Celebrity Big Brother

CELEBRITY Big Brother winner David Potts’ “handsome” twin brother has been revealed.

The Ibiza Weekender’s sibling has joked he has to “prove” he’s related to the former holiday rep due to the fact they are so different.

Celebrity Big Brother star David Potts’ ‘secret’ sibling has been revealedInstagram

InstagramHe has a twin brother, Matthew[/caption]

RexPhysio Matthew joked he often has to ‘prove’ he is related to the TV star[/caption]

Matthew Potts, who works as a physio for Championship football side Huddersfield Town, has opened up on the brothers’ completely “different paths.”

He told MailOnline: “It’s a thing for people when they find out who he is… I don’t go around shouting about it but when people do find out they are quite shocked and I always have to provide evidence we’re related because they don’t believe me, which is quite funny.

“We got put in the same outfits and as twins you get put in the same bubble but the reality is – and as we have proven – we’re just totally completely different people.

“He’s loud when you first lay eyes on him and the celebrities in the house were quite taken aback by him at first but now, they are getting to know him, well within five minutes your perceptions of him change completely.”

He added: “It’s a credit to him, he’s great in that sense.”

A snap showing the pair side-by-side captures the pair’s similar beaming smile yet David has a much more glowing complexion courtesy of his love of fake tan.

Meanwhile, with Matthew working in a sporting role, the pair do have one similarity.

Reality TV star David has been open in showcasing his weight loss and intense gym routines prior to entering the CBB compound.

Last night David was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

The Ibiza Weekender star, 30, was left overwhelmed when hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best announced his name.

Heartstopper actor Bradley Riches was brutally dumped in a tense back-door eviction.

Fern Britton was evicted in fifth place, followed by Louis Walsh in fourth.

Colson Smith finished third place and runner-up spot was given to Nikita Kuzmin.

David was shocked to win the show and told viewers before leaving the house: “I feel shocked, on top of the world, I cannot believe it, I’m feeling slay, I’m ready to take on the day…get me on that runway.”

Last night, David won Celebrity Big BrotherEroteme

Matthew said the pair were completely different peopleRex

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