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Dancing On Ice star Amber Davies rushed to medic as she shows off horrific bloody injury after accident

DANCING On Ice star Amber Davies was rushed to medic as she shows off her bloody injury.

The former Love Island winner avoided any major accidents when she competed on Dancing On Ice.

RexAmber Davies revealed she was rushed to see a medic after a gruesome injury[/caption]

instagramThe former Dancing In Ice star sat backstage in the dressing room as she showed off her bloody cut[/caption]

instagramShe apologised to paying fans for having to miss the show[/caption]

Amber, 27, is currently performing to thousands of fans across the country in the role of Vivian Ward in Pretty Women.

But she was forced to pull out of her latest show mid-performance on the nationwide tour due to a last minute injury.

The musical theatre star was left with a horrific cut after she was rushing around backstage and she walked into an open door.

She appeared in the dressing room where she at first covered her bloody cut.

The actress and singer told her fans: “Warning if you don’t like blood, go to the next slide.”

She then moved the hand away to reveal a nasty and bloody cut located just above the eyebrow which was nursed underneath some bandages.

Amber continued: “Right. Guys this is for anyone who came to watch Pretty Women in Milton Keynes this afternoon.

“I’m so, so, sorry I had to go off mid show because I had a little accident in the interval.

“You couldn’t write it, I literally just walked into a door. I opened the door with my head down and I was going quite fast and it just hit me right in the head.

“I had to come off mid-show and I’m not doing tonight either because [the cut is] still bleeding a little bit.

“But hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll be back on with a plaster over it and I could just, you know, hide it with some foundation.

“But you couldn’t write it could you? I go on Dancing On Ice for two and a half months. I do the head-banger, I do all the lifts.

“I’m on two blades on the ice and it’s a door that takes me out.”

She added added: “But yes, apologies again if you were in this afternoon. I loved the first act and hopefully see you [tomorrow night]!”

Amber later took to her Instagram stories again, this time with a silent selfie video of herself relaxing at home on her bed with her dog,

The Dancing On Ice star captioned the quick video: “A recovery day.

“Cuts been cleaned this morning and re dressed by my wonderful GP. Still very much an open cut but hopefully I’ll be back on stage by tomorrow evening!”, along with three fingers crossed emojis.

Who has won Dancing On Ice?

After the final of Dancing On Ice 2024, we look back at the previous celebrity winners – from the first series in 2006 until now.

The ITV show has run for 16 seasons, with a break from 2014-2018.

Here’s the rundown – with one pro skater winning an impressive hat-trick:

Season 1, 2006: Gaynor Faye & Dan Whiston

Season 2, 2007: Kyran Bracken & Melanie Lambert

Season 3, 2008: Suzanne Shaw & Matt Evers

Season 4, 2009: Ray Quinn & Maria Filippov

Season 5, 2010: Hayley Tamaddon & Dan Whiston

Season 6, 2011: Sam Attwater & Brianne Delcourt

Season 7, 2012: Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova

Season 8, 2013: Beth Tweddle & Dan Whiston

Season 9, 2014 (All Stars): Ray Quinn & Maria Filippov

Season 10, 2018: Jake Quickenden & Vanessa Bauer

Season 11, 2019: James Jordan & Alexandra Schauman

Season 12, 2020: Joe Swash & Alex Murphy

Season 13, 2021: Sonny Jay & Angela Egan

Season 14, 2022: Regan Gascoigne & Karina Manta

Season 15, 2023: Nile Wilson & Olivia Smart

Season 16, 2024: Ryan Thomas & Amani Fancy 

instagramShe took to her Instagram for a second time as she recovered at home[/caption]

Instagram / @amb_dAmber Davies pulled out of a Pretty Woman show mid-performance due to the backstage accident[/caption]

RexThe musical theatre personality mostly avoided injury during her stint on Dancing On Ice[/caption]



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