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Coronation Street villain makes bombshell return as she threatens to expose Rovers Return lies

BUSINESS at the Rovers Return is back in full swing after some scheming (and thieving) by Daisy Midgeley and Jenny Connor.

But when one surprise character comes back to Coronation Street next week, the pair’s secret is under threat.

ITVJenny’s ploy to get the Rovers back may become public knowldege[/caption]

ITVDaisy gets a shock[/caption]

ITVHer mother Christina Boyd is back on the cobbles next week[/caption]

After years at the helm of the famous Weatherfield boozer, Jenny Connor was devastated when she was forced to let go of the Rovers Return Inn.

The pub landlady portrayed by Sally Ann Matthews went above and beyond to find a solution and, in a twist of luck, she found the help she needed thanks to her serial killer ex-boyfriend Stephen Reid.

Following the death of the sinister businessman, Jenny got her hands on the money he’d stolen from Carla Connor’s Underworld factory.

She was aided by her stepdaughter Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) in her quest to get the Rovers back and the pair of women both agreed to use Carla’s stolen money to reopen the Rovers before paying her back.

Meanwhile, fellow residents around them have no clue Jenny and Daisy used stolen money to reopen the iconic pub, with the latter telling her other half Ryan Connor that her mother Christina helped her out.

But the secret may be coming to light in scenes airing next week on ITV and it all begins with a huge family reunion for Daisy as her mother Christina Boyd, played by The Royal star Amy Robbins, returns to the cobbles.

Coming up, in the Rovers, Jenny tells Daisy and fellow barmaid Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) about her plans for a speed dating night. 

Glenda reckons it’s a great idea whilst Daisy smiles through gritted teeth. 

Later on, Jenny and Daisy are horrified when Christina texts to say she is coming to stay for two weeks.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who isn’t aware of how complex and volatile her relationship with Christina can be, is shocked when he sees Daisy telling her mum she is not welcome.

Daisy goes a step further by suggesting she goes to visit her friend in Amsterdam.

Much to the barmaid’s horror, Christina later calls in the Rovers and explains that her passport has expired and she has nowhere to stay.


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When Ryan insists she should stay and have a drink as it’s the least they can do after she lent them all that money to buy the pub, Christina’s intrigued.

What will she respond?

Could she blow Jenny and Daisy’s cover?

Christina was last seen in the Manchester-based program in early 2023 when she reconnected with her estranged daughter Daisy for the first time in years ahead of her wedding with Daniel Osbourne.

The mother-daughter duo have had a complicated relationship as Christina always held Daisy at arm’s length following her divorce from her daughter’s father, which she blamed upon Jenny.

After the separation, Christina left the country and only communicated with Daisy through texts.

Christina wasn’t even present when Daisy was attacked with acid by her stalker Justin Rutherford and Ryan ended up taking most of the damage, both physical and emotional.

How will she react to the attack?

What will be her thoughts on Daisy’s break up with Daniel?

Can the pair ever be on the same page?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

ITVJenny and Daisy used Carla Connor’s stolen money to reopen the Rovers[/caption]

ITVWill Carla ever find out?[/caption]



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