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Coronation Street fans ‘rejoice’ as soap returns to iconic character’s flat after years off screen – but have complaint

CORONATION Street fans have been left rejoicing after it was confirmed that the soap was reviving an iconic set on the show.

The news comes as Roy Cropper, played by actor David Neilson, finds himself increasingly isolated as he continues to face heat for his alleged involvement in the murder of Lauren Bolton, played by Cait Fitton.

ITVRoy Cropper’s flat will be seen on screen for the first time in almost four years[/caption]

ITVRoy receives a visit from his close pals amid the Lauren ordeal[/caption]

As the shocking storyline sees the villagers turn against Roy, he becomes a homebody and rarely leaves the flat despite wanting to protest his innocence that he did not murder wayward Lauren.

It has meant that show bosses have resurrected the star’s flat for the first time in years.

The interior of Roy Cropper’s flat was last seen on the episode broadcast Friday 26 June 2020.

It was featured as Shona, an employee of Roy’s Rolls, invited her husband David up to the flat for a date as they attempted to rekindle their marriage following a testing period and her horror brain injury.

Although Nina’s bedroom was seen in a fleeting one episode appearance in 2021, next week sees Roy’s flat return to screens for the first time in four years.

However, despite the show bosses having gone to the effort to erect the set, many fans were left unimpressed at its dated nature.

They slammed the decor and the appliances and felt as though it could have done with a refresh.

Seething over the cafe owner’s abode, one fan penned: “What in the 1993 is going on there.”

As someone else took issue with the hoover, writing: “They could have got him one made after 1965.”

In the scenes to be broadcast on Monday, Roy can be seen chatting to Nina, Alya Nazir and Dee Dee Bailey about the heightening Lauren situation.

Concerns begin to grow among the group of the effect the ordeal could have on Roy as well as the spiralling financial costs.

Roy insists that he will pay whatever it takes to clear his name and will raise any funds necessary.

Elsewhere, Nina tells Dee Dee she is fearful that he will never be able to pay back his legal fees as well as worrying about the return of his scary sleepwalking habits.

In scenes which shocked viewers last week, the kindly cafe owner was questioned by DS Swain over Lauren’s disappearance with the detective suspecting Roy as a secret sexual predator and murderer.

DS Swain suggested that he had a secret sexual motive behind his bond with Lauren, especially after he revealed that Lauren had “offered herself” to him.

Roy went on to offer her extra money on top of her wages as well as cleaning the flat top to bottom upon her disappearance.

He did this as Evelyn had sub-letted the flat and if it was not returned to a perfect state she would lose her deposit.

Police later found a condom with Roy’s DNA on which he said he picked up after finding it on the floor after he had cleaned up whilst wearing gloves and vehemently denied any sexual contact with the teen.

ITVRoy has not been seen inside his flat since 2020 when Shona was living with him[/caption]



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