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Chloe Brockett takes swipe at Love Island star saying he’s the ‘biggest gameplayer’ on Ex On The Beach

CHLOE Brockett has taken a cheeky swipe at her Ex on the Beach co-star Joe Garratt – branding him the “biggest gameplayer” on the show.

The Towie beauty, 23, said she would struggle to perform for the cameras, unlike some of her other co-stars.

PAChloe Brockett revealed who she thought was the biggest ‘gameplayer’ on EOTB[/caption]

PAThe ex-Towie star said she struggled to buy Joe Garrett’s nice guy act[/caption]

Chloe, who joined the Paramount+ reality show in a bid to find love, said she had her doubts over Love Island‘s Joe, 27, and his “nice guy act.”

When quizzed over who she thought the biggest gameplayer was, Chloe replied: “Joe Garratt, I get on with him. But there are cameras 24/7 on you and I feel like I’m someone who can’t perform 24/7, whereas I feel like some people could.

“I feel he’s lovely, but I feel he’s so nice…it’s hard to question if he’s geninely that nice.

“Maybe I’m just a b****.”

TV favourite Chloe lasted five days on the the hit programme but failed to find her dream man on the show.

Earlier this year, she reunited with former flame Jack Fincham but called it quit with each other last month.

Now, Chloe has revealed that she and Jack are back on good terms after spending some time with each other this week.

She told us: “I’ve had a few people in the DMs, but me and Jack are very on and off. I was round there last night, so it’s one of them ones, you don’t know.

“I’m not going to say that we’re going to be together, I’m not going to say that we will because we argue, that’s my problem.

“I delete all the pictures off social media, say I’ve split up and don’t get back with your ex and then I’ll text him the next day.

“There is a lot of unfollowing, constantly unfollowing and blocking all the time.

“Right now, I’ve never been on a dating app, I’m not looking for anyone.

“Jack is very much still in my life and he’s just someone I have to see what happens with him.”

It comes after Chloe opened up to The Sun about the real reason behind her split.

She said: “I’m single at the moment, it was very shortlived me and Jack. We get on very well.

“People normally say they wouldn’t get back with their ex, but I’m not even going to lie, probably, you never know.

“Sometimes it’s just hard to get back together with an ex and you’re just revisiting old arguments and stuff like that.”

She added that her recent decision to leave The Only Way is Essex played into her decision to call it a day with Jack.

She added: ” I think the headspace I was in at the moment, I left Towie and I was really positive and I thought it was the best time for me to be on my own at the moment.

“I would definitely date people but I want to be single right now.”

The new series of Celebrity Ex on the Beach premieres Tuesday 19th March exclusively On Paramount+ and MTV UK

Chloe did not find love during her five days on the showinstagram



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