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Celebrity Big Brother’s ‘biggest game player’ revealed as evicted housemates Marisha and Zeze name same culprit

NEWLY-EVICTED housemates Zeze Millz and Marisha Wallace have revealed who they think Celebrity Big Brother’s ‘biggest game player’ is.

After being eliminated from the house in a double eviction last night, the duo didn’t hold back on sister show Late & Live when grilled about their time inside the house.

RexMarisha and Zeze revealed who they think is the biggest game player in the CBB house[/caption]

Both stars think daytime TV presenter Fern has done a good job of navigating her way to the series final.

When asked by hosts Will Best and AJ Odudu who should be sitting in their seats instead, Zeze admitted she thought her time would be up.

However, when pressed she acknowledged that Fern had positioned herself well within the house, commenting how she had been saved twice before.

While this morning on GMB she praised frenemy Louis Walsh for being his authentic self, but admitted she wants David Potts to win.

She said of Louis: “We’re quite polarising characters, he says what he thinks and I say what I think, that’s why we clash.”

Zeze said Louis constantly asked if he was being recorded in the house, proving that his loose-lipped antics aren’t for show.

She said: “I feel like he’s the villain/nice person that we like to get to the end. He’s extremely entertaining to watch.”

Zeze continued: “I know who I want to win. I want David to win. He’s his total genuine self. As you get to know David he’s so warming, he’s so caring.”

Fern, Marisha, Zeze and Nikita Kuzmin all faced the public vote last night.

And there was shock at home and in the house as Marisha and Zeze were made to say their goodbyes.

“I’m just glad I didn’t get booed!” Marisha told AJ and Will as she sat down for her post eviction chat.

Revealing who she was closest to, she said: “Zeze was my girl, she was the sister I didn’t know I needed in that house. She was down for me, she was somebody I could trust.”

As for why the show was the hardest thing she has ever done, she explained: “It’s like all your demons come out at once… you didn’t know how you were perceived and received.”

Meanwhile, AJ and Will commented to Zeze that she got a kiss from Louis Walsh as she left the house.

Zeze joked that the pair were “frenemies” but admitted she would miss him.

Later she said she felt she showed both her “softer side and her fiery side” in the house.

She also revealed that Louis Walsh had invited her to hang out with him in Dublin, and that she was rooting for David Potts to win.

Nikita was the first housemate chosen to face the eviction after he volunteered to get the killer nomination in Sunday night’s episode.

The following night, Fern was given the opportunity to put one of her housemates up by placing a snake on their pillow.

She picked Louis Walsh, but in a stroke of luck for The X Factor judge, he was given a St Patrick’s Day reprieve and gifted a four leaf clover by Big Brother.

This saw him immune from elimination and given a pass straight to Friday’s final.

It prompted a fix row among some viewers, who believed bosses manipulated things to keep Louis in.

The remaining contestants had to get one with nominations as normal.

Marisha received four nominations after being named by David Potts, Fern, Colson Smith and Bradley Riches.

Fern also got four nominations as her name was on the lips of David, Colson, Nikita and Marisha.

Zeze, meanwhile, garnered three votes as Louis, Nikita and Bradley all nominated her.

Fern Britton has made hr way to the final in uncontroversial fashionEroteme

Louis Walsh was Zeze’s ‘frenemy’ in the houseEroteme

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