Celebrity Big Brother is a complete fix – producers just don’t want to lose Louis Walsh, says Coronation Street legend


CORONATION Street legend Jack P Shepherd has branded Celebrity Big Brother a fix after Louis Walsh was once again saved as part of a huge twist.

Jack – who is supporting his best mate and co star Colson Smith – believes producers concocted a plan to make sure he didn’t go home during last night’s episode.

Louis was very happy to discover he had been saved

Colson’s best mate Jack Shepherd thinks its a fixRex

Speaking on the podcast he does with Colson and Ben Price, Jack said: “They’ve gone ‘How can we keep Louis Walsh in? We can’t let him go on Tuesday because if he’s up there’s a strong possibility the public will vote him out’”.

“They went ‘we’ll do a game and we’ll tidy it up so you can eliminate someone straight away and because he’s Irish and because it’s St Patrick’s Day we’ll create a load of bull***t and say ‘what do you know Louis, you’re immune’. It’s a complete fix.”

He added: “In fairness to them they wanted to get their money from him and he’s entertainment value.”

Last night saw Fern Britton find a pot of gold and then had to pick someone that she wanted to eliminate from the competition by placing a snake on their bed.

Fern picked Louis Walsh – but had no idea that there was a twist… and it actually meant that he was given a pass to the final.

In a cruel blow, Fern then found herself up for eviction alongside Zeze Millz, Marisha Wallace and Nikita Kuzmin.

Jack is not the only one who believes that it was a fix to keep Louis in – angry viewers have been discussing it too.

One person raged: “This whole twist is so unbelievable and a blatant ploy by ITV to keep him in. DO NOT bring this mess over to civilian.”

A second said: “The twist feels a little convenient, does it not?”

While a third added: “I wouldn’t be annoyed so much if it wasn’t done this way but like it was so clearly a fix to get him to the final.”

In tonight’s episode Fern will come clean to Louis and tell him she placed the snake on his bed – after he becomes hell bent on working it out.

Celebrity Big Brother declined to comment.

.Colson does On The Sofa podcast with Jack P. Shepherd and Ben Price[/caption]

Colson has won over viewers on the reality showEroteme

Ferne was gutted to find out about the twist