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Celebrity Big Brother chaos as fuming Nikita snaps at Big Brother and says ‘banish me!’ – leaving viewers shocked

FUMING Nikita Kuzmin snapped at Big Brother last night after fearing he had seriously injured co-star Fern Britton during a task.

The Strictly pro was running through the house and collided with Fern, 66, when she got in his way.

CBB star Fern Britton was rushed to the Diary Room after hurting her headEroteme

The star banged her head while playing a game with her housematesEroteme

Nikita was terrified he’d hurt Fern and went to check if the cushions were soft

She banged her head as she landed on an ottoman, as the stars jumped over furniture to pop the balloons with pins.

Nikita, 26, and Fern, 66, who argued in Tuesday’s episode, smashed into each other when she tried to block him.

Fern held onto the Strictly dancer as he whizzed past and she toppled backwards before landing with a thump.

He stopped to help Fern back up, but she was unsteady on her feet, and so he walked her to the Diary Room.

A terrified Nikita then waited for news from Big Brother and went to check if the cushion on ottoman was soft.

Big Brother finally told the house: “Fern is OK”.

But when Big Brother asked the house to carry on with the task, Nikita refused.

He fumed: “You can banish me I don’t give a s**t I’m not playing this game.

“It’s a stupid idea, who organises this, running around with pins? Come on, you are better than that.”

Big Brother replied: “Housemates the game got off to a frantic rate, you don’t need to play it like that, you can play it at your own pace.”

Viewers were stunned by his reaction, and one said: “Nikita giving big brother’s health and safety team a b******ing looool #CBBUK”

One more tweeted: “Nikita calling out big brother for being thick as f**k in regards to health and safety lol.”

Another wrote: “Him beating that cushion to test it and then shouting at big brother about the game being dangerous while Bradley was trying not to giggle.”

“Nikita is cracking. He didn’t want to do the “stupid game” then stuck at it. He wanted to quit.”

Another said: “Poor Nikita just wants a quiet life, the poor lad. Leave the child alone, Fern. Ffs.”

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Nikita Kuzmin – The Strictly pro is coming onto the show fresh off the show’s tour. Poor lad probably just wants a rest

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Sharon Osbourne – TV legend was a “house guest” on a megabucks deal and an ensuite bedroom, but disappeared after nine days

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Marisha Wallace – After just over two weeks in the house, this West End star was sent packing.

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