Cadbury’s ‘graveyard’ filled with axed chocolate bars will transport you back in time – which would you bring back?


A CADBURY ‘graveyard’ stocked with all their famous axed treats has been revealed – what would you bring back?

The mouth-watering chocolate collection offers fans the chance to step back in time and be reunited with their retro favourites.

MirrorpixRetro choices included Coffee Creme, Royal Mint and Super Mousse[/caption]

MirrorpixIn their classics range, flavours include Ginger, Turkish Delight, Old Jamaican rum and Golden Crisp with honeycomb[/caption]

Cadbury have impressed chocolate lovers for two centuries but not all of their products are still on the shelves.

Many fans have been saddened by discontinuations over the years, but now they can re-visit all their former delights again.

The company display a trove of axed bars at their HQ in Bournville, from Cadbury Pineapple to Flake Snow.

In their classics range, flavours include Ginger, Turkish Delight, Old Jamaican rum and Golden Crisp with honeycomb.

Other throwbacks featured Cadbury’s Pineapple, which is actually still available online, Almond Dessert, Marzipan Tray, Astros, and Spira bars.

The beloved Spira bar was discontinued in 2005 and fans tried to bring it back in 2020 but were unsuccessful.

More retro choices included Coffee Creme, Royal Mint and Super Mousse.

In the early 2000s, Cadbury released a chocolate collection called Wicked with some sexier packaging, but it didn’t stick around for long.

It comes as fans were shocked to hear an Easter favourite had been booted off production lines.

The nostalgic Egg ‘n’ Spoons treat was made up of four chocolate eggs filled with vanilla or chocolate mousse, and even a special Oreo variety. 

Cadbury, owned by Modelez, actually broke the sad news last year, but some chocolate lovers only learnt about it recently.

Some devastated chocoholics called the axing a “crime”.

One posted: “Petition to get CadburyUK to bring back egg n’ spoons back.”

“My villain origin story will be the fact that Cadbury has discontinued their egg n’ spoon,” penned another.

Plus, fans were also disappointed after the chocolate giant confirmed once again their “best” bar won’t be coming back.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn hit the shelves in 2012 alongside Marvellous Creations but people were sad only the former still survives today

People were sad to hear the limited edition was discontinued.

One wrote: “Cadbury released all these in 2012, the only one still available to buy is the top one – the worst one.

“The best was clearly Toffee Popcorn.”

Another user replied to the post: “Toffee Popcorn was the best, I agree.”

Others were gutted when they discovered an “amazing” flavour had been given the chop.

Shoppers wailed “whaaat why!” after noticing Dairy Milk Marvellous Mix-ups with Oreo have been axed from shelves.

And, just a few months ago the chocolatier confirmed it had axed Peanut Caramel Crisp Bars.

The revelation sparked customer anger, one fumed: “Cadbury’s Peanut Caramel Crisp is the best chocolate bar they have created in years.”

But, the company continues to deliver the nations’ bestsellers.

As Cadbury celebrated its bicentennial birthday, The Sun revealed some of the rather sweet secrets from inside the brand.

Dairy Milk, which was launched in June 1905, remains Cadbury’s bestseller.

However, it’s been revealed that Dairy Milk Oreo, which hit shelves in 2012, “is not far behind” when it comes to variations of the much-loved brand.

There is even a team of “supertasters” in Reading, Berks, who help the inventors at Cadbury come up with their wonderful new creations.

The group comprises seven or eight people “with very strong tastebuds” who have been carefully selected for the job.


Cadbury’s Dream Chocolate bar: The popular bar was discontinued in 2002, but was relaunched in 2019 under the new name ‘Cadbury White’.

Mars Delight Bar: Although it proved to be a firm favourite by sweet-toothed fans during its four-year stint in shops starting in 2004, by 2008 it was removed from shelves. Fans still long to see the treat make a return.

Nestlé’s Caramac chocolate bar: The one-of-a-kind bar had been in shops for over six decades, but was discontinued last year due to continual slumps in sales.

Milky Way Crispy Rolls: They were pulled from shelves in 2022, and fans were so distraught by the news that a petition was started to bring them back, which currently has more than 8,500 signatures.

White Maltesers: The white chocolate version of the popular snack had a strong run lasting 11 years, but falling sales saw them discontinued in 2014

MirrorpixIn the early 2000s, Cadbury released a chocolate collection called Wicked with some sexier packaging, but it didn’t stick around for long[/caption]

MirrorpixFlake Snows were given the chop in 2008[/caption]

MirrorpixThese chocolate covered biscuits were rolled out in 1997 but axed in the UK shortly after[/caption]

MirrorpixThe Cadbury Aztec bars was sadly discontinued in 1978[/caption]