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Brutal attack leaves Coronation Street favourite terrified for her life

GLENDA Shuttleworth has witness all the recent Weatherfield drama unfold as a bystander but she gets a new storyline next week.

The Coronation Street favourite is horrified next week when she’s targeted by a group of individuals. Here’s what you need to know.

ITVGlenda Shuttleworth gets the fright of her life next week[/caption]

ITVTwo individuals show up in the Rovers[/caption]

ITVAnd she’s left alone to fight for her life[/caption]

Glenda Shuttleworth (portrayed by Jodie Prenger) has become a firm favourite among ITV viewers since she first showed up in the cobbles in 2022.

Upon her arrival, Glenda reconnected with her brother George and bagged a job pulling pints at the Rovers Return Inn.

Since then, Glenda has enjoyed idle gossip about fellow residents and witnessed how eventful life can turn out to be in Weatherfield.

But after standing on the side-lines, the Rovers barmaid is pushed into the spotlight alone as she faces danger next week.

It all begins with Rovers landlady Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) heads off to a posh dinner with Rita Tanner and her stepdaughter Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) heads off with Ryan Connor.

A glammed up Glenda agrees to host the speed dating night at the Rovers in their absence.

In later scenes, the night is lacking in romance aside from Daisy’s mother Christina Boyd (Amy Robbins) taking a shine to guy with a tattoo.

With the chaos of the evening over and the pub closed, Glenda heads through to the bar to find masked burglars raiding the till.

Her fright reaches new heights when one of the men orders Glenda to get down on the floor and she does as she’s told, desperate to come out of the ordeal alive.

As the robbers make off with the takings, a tearful and panicky Glenda calls the police.

Jenny returns home to find out from Glenda that they’ve been burgled.


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Glenda puts on a brave face, but Jenny insists she takes the morning off after the attack.

The incident has more repercussions for other Corrie residents as Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) and his husband Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) call at the Rovers to retrieve Paul’s laptop. 

They’re gutted to find out it was stolen by the burglars and Glenda feels terrible for them.

Later on, the pub is closed and Glenda offers both Jenny and Daisy a nightcap.

But as she heads through to the bar, it’s clear recent events are taking her toll on her mental health as Glenda relives the attack.

Will she speak up and seek help?

Or will she go through inner turmoil in silence?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

ITVDaisy and Jenny leave the Rovers for their respective nights out[/caption]

ITVBut how can they help Glenda recover from her attack?[/caption]



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