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Britain is nation of curtain&twitching snoopers – with one&third admitting to spying on their neighbour

BRITAIN is a nation of curtain-twitching snoopers – with an astonishing one-third admitting to spying on their neighbours.

A new poll found Brits are so determined to keep up appearances they regularly sneak a peek on next door.

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The survey, conducted by leading electricals and appliance brand Hisense, found a staggering four million made hasty purchases as a result.

Some even admitted spending more than £10,000 on household items simply to keep up with the Joneses.

The Hisense survey revealed the Covid pandemic had brought neighbours closer together.

But it also saw the nation become even more nosier than before – with neighbours determined not to be outdone.

The research revealed that two-thirds of UK households (65 per cent) reckon it is important to keep up appearances.

And mowing the lawn (14 per cent), travelling to the same destination (12 per cent) and buying a new car (10 per cent) topped the charts.

A regional breakdown saw Manchester named the nosiest city – with 63 per cent of Mancunians admitting to spying.

Sheffield (53 per cent) was runner up whilst Newcastle (53 per cent) completed the top three.

London was edged out into fourth with 52 per cent admitting to having spied on their street.

Consumer psychologist, Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, said: “Naturally people compare themselves to others, in particular to those close to them. 

“Hence, they tend to keep a close eye on the people around them – what they wear, what gadgets they have and even what changes they make to their house. 

“If others have something that is particularly appealing, that they either don’t have or that is better than what they have, a ‘want’ to get the same or something better kicks in. 

“If they don’t, they may end up feeling second-rate. It is like a subconscious game of keeping up with the Joneses.”

She added: “At a time when finances are tough for people, this may be causing havoc to your wallet. 

“Thus, it is key to shop with your head – stylish looking items that can make the neighbour green with envy, do not have to be the most expensive ones.”

Arun Bhatoye, Head of Marketing at Hisense UK, said: “We’ve all been guilty of having a peek at what the neighbours are up to or buying – whether it’s a new car that they’ve just forked out for, or we’ve nipped round and seen their latest bit of tech. 

“Those subtle brags or new purchases are bound to be talk of the town, and it’s important that people don’t get carried away, spending a fortune for things they don’t need to. 

“It’s important that people ensure they’re making smart choices and getting the most for their money – less might just be more.”

The research was conducted as part of Hisense’s Choose Smarter campaign, which encourages consumers to make considered purchases and get their hands on the latest, premium technology, without the premium price tag.

Their survey was conducted by The Leadership Factor and saw 1,000 UK adults quizzed on their habits.



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