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Boy, 9, killed ‘instantly’ when 4×4 driven by dad flips as it plummets down 30ft hill on off&road course, inquest hears

A SCHOOLBOY died “instantly” after a 4×4 being driven by his dad plummeted 30ft down a hill on an off-road course, an inquest heard.

Jake Allen was killed in the horror crash when he was ejected from a Land Rover Discovery on September 24, 2022.

SWNSJake Allen, who sadly died following a collision at Coney Green Farm[/caption]

The schoolboy suffered “extreme head injuries” after his dad Simon lost control of the vehicle at Coney Green Farm 4X4 Offroad Site in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs.

An inquest heard how the modified Land Rover stalled as Simon negotiated a steep incline – before it rolled backwards, hit a tree stump and flipped three or four times.

Mr Allen wept as he told Worcestershire Coroner’s Court how he watched his son die during the weekend off-roading holiday he had helped organise.

He said he had been staying at Coney Green Farm with his partner Tuesday Hawkes, her daughter and his other daughter, Jake’s sister.

The group went for a drive but ran into trouble on the off-road circuit when they attempted to navigate an incline of more than 30 per cent.

Recalling the crash, Mr Allen said: “It’s quite a smooth hill. I’ve gone up it many times. I’ve done many off-road experiences.

“We set off up the hill at a comfortable place. We got to a point where we broke traction, the wheels started to spin. The front of the car started to tilt.

“I came off the accelerator and the car stalled. The front of the vehicle started to lean. It surprised me.

“I restarted the vehicle, put it into reverse and started to turn left to get the front end back up the hill.

“As the vehicle moved backwards it stalled again and that’s when it started rolling backwards.

“I tried to restart the vehicle and was pumping the brake pedal but it wouldn’t stop and it gained speed.

“I remember hearing a bang and that’s what sent the car over. I think it was a tree stump that hit one of the rear wheels.

“I remember that I came out of my seat and hearing the girls screaming.

“I remember seeing Jake’s face in the air. I tried grabbing him. I remember him being pulled away from my hand.

“I climbed out the vehicle, through the driver’s window or sunroof. I was looking for Jake. He was five or ten metres from the car.

“It was very apparent (Jake was dead). I stayed with him, calling his name, hoping he’d answer me.”

When asked about driving rules on the course, Mr Allen said they would not exceed 10mph, wear seatbelts and “would not do the more extreme things.”



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