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Axed CBB star Bradley Riches’s Netflix co&stars reveal the extreme way they supported him on show

AXED Celebrity Big Brother star Bradley Riches’s Netflix co-stars revealed the extreme way they supported him on the show.

The Heartstopper actor, 22, said goodbye to his housemates last night after a shock ‘back door’ eviction.

Bradley’s Netflix co-stars revealed the extreme way the supported him on the showEroteme

The Heartstopper actor was sent packing on ThursdayEroteme

Bradley’s co-stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor raced to social media to share their heartbreak after his emotional exit.

Commenting on a clip of the moment shared on the BBUK Instagram account, Charlie Spring actor Joe revealed the extent he went to to keep Bradley in the house.

Joe shared: “I voted for you, got a VPN and everything.”

While his other co-star Kit Connor, who plays Nick Nelson in the Netflix teen series , wrote: “Bless you Brad.”

It comes after Bradley admitted he was left severely cringing after witnessing Fern Britton and Nikita Kuzmin’s awkward house feud.

During his exit interview with host Will Best, Bradley opened up about his close friendship with TV presenter Fern Britton.

He also addressed the bizarre feud between Nikita Kuzmin and Fern and that very uncomfortable row they had over a striped jumper.

Will asked: “It was interesting because you were probably Fern’s best friend in there but she didn’t really gel with another one of your close friends – Nikita – did you feel you were ever caught in the middle of that?

“How pronounced was there clash?”

Bradley said: “I feel like I was oblivious to this thing going on.

“It was only when we were eating the cupcakes – me, Nikita and David – and we found out Nikita voted for her three times.

“There had only been three nominations, it was a bit of an eye-opener.

“And that really awkward moment where she brought up something he said and I just wanted the world to eat me up.”

Will replied: “That might have been the most awkward moment in the entire series,” to which Bradley echoed: “It was very awkward, yeah.”

Will then asked if Bradley attempted to heal the rift between Fern and Nikita during his time in the house.

But the actor explained: “I feel like they’re both adults and they have their own time to work out their differences and work out why that dispute happened.

“And I think that’s what happened.”

It comes after Nikita and Fern had an awkward encounter earlier this week after the ex-This Morning host thought he was mocking her over a jumper.



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