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APR FC Plans Frw 8 Billion Budget for the upcoming year

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APR FC, a prominent football club in Rwanda, rumoured  ambitious plans to allocate an 8 billion Rwandan Francs (FRW) budget for the upcoming  year. This significant financial commitment underscores the club’s strategic vision and aims to bolster various aspects of its operations and development.

As financial uncertainty looms large over world’s economies, several brand names have moved in quickly to cut on their spending or to look for methods on how to check on it and this is what Rwanda’s most successful football team APR Fc is doing.In an effort to supplement its annual budget that is estimated at Frw 8Billion

Last year, APR FC spent 6 billion FRW, which is significantly higher than the budgets of other major Rwandan football clubs. For instance:

  • Police FC: Police FC’s budget was reported to be approximately 600 million FRW, making APR FC’s expenditure nearly ten times higher.
  • Rayon Sports FC: Rayon Sports FC, another leading club in Rwanda, had a budget significantly lower than APR FC’s expenditure, highlighting APR FC’s financial dominance and commitment to excellence in the African football landscape.

APR FC, a leading football club in Rwanda,  its strategic plan to deploy an ambitious budget of 8 billion Rwandan Francs (FRW) in the upcoming year. This significant financial commitment underscores the club’s dedication to enhancing its operations and achieving its competitive goals. APR FC has raised its level to be on par with their regional rivals such as Simba and Yanga Africans from Tanzania, highlighting their aspiration to compete at the highest levels of African football.

The New Times

Through the X , Listowel Mensah, one of the leading journalists in Ghana said that APR unveils Ex-Kotoko midfielder Richmond Lamptey, my checks show he will earn $10000 a month, will be given a car and a luxurious house located in Rwanda’s “East Legon hills”


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