A Place in the Sun sisters break down in tears as property tour takes heartbreaking turn in show first


A PLACE in the sun viewers were left stunned by heartbreaking show first as sisters brought their mum’s ashes along to help them house hunt.

EARLIER this week Channel 4 host Dani Menzies greeted sisters Sheila and Pamela who were seeking a sunny holiday home in Spain

FFTVDanni Menzies comforted sisters Pamela and Sheila as they broke down during an emotional house hunt[/caption]

Channel 4The sisters were looking for a house in Spain to fulfil their mum’s dying wish of moving abroad but the property search took an emotional turn[/caption]

Channel 4But they actually brought their mum’s ashes with them in a historic show first[/caption]

The pair made show history by bringing their mum’s ashes house hunting with them, but said it was so they could fulfil her dying wish of getting a place in the sun

But they were overcome with emotions as they searched for their dream property. 

Pamela and Sheila were hoping to find a house in Oliva, Spain on a budget of £60,000, a place known for its bars, restaurants, and sea views.

The house hunters were hoping to find a home with at least two bedrooms and a large outdoor area to soak up the sun.

And because their mum died before she could make the move to Spain, her sisters revealed they had brought their mum’s ashes along for the journey.

Danni, who was hosting the repeat episode, which aired on Wednesday, said she has never seen anything like it, but found it “really special” that they included their mum in this way. 

Immediately, several properties caught their eye, and they were contemplating which one to put an offer in on. 

However, the last house was so perfect that it sparked tears of joy in the sisters. 

The house was so special that they started crying as soon as they walked in.

Pamela wiped away tears as she expressed her feelings about the three-bedroom house with a large roof terrace. 

“This is what we want. We don’t want a holiday-looking place. It’s got to be a home,” she gushed.

As they toured the house, both women agreed it was “perfect”.

They felt like it was “the one” and promptly asked Danni to put in an offer.

Pamela and Sheila agreed to offer £57,500, although it was quickly rejected by the vendor.

They were countered with an offer of £67,250, but the sisters admitted they couldn’t reach that amount and told Dani they’d have to leave it.

However, they decided to try their luck with a lower offer and were overjoyed when the seller accepted their offer of £62,500 for the property.

An emotional Danni simply told them: “You’re gonna make me cry!”

They celebrated by raising a glass to their mum, whose ashes were with them on the table, marking the beginning of their new life in Spain.

Viewers who were watching the episode for the first time found the Pamela and Sheila’s tribute to their mum touching, but they were shocked to see they’d brought her ashes along.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one shocked viewer said: “Just tuned in, are these the women that brought mum’s ashes along?”

“We’ll leave it on the table ….. Does she mean the mum’s ashes?” another asked.

“Just switched on A Place in the Sun. Did I hear that right? She’s got her mum’s ashes on the table!?” a third question. 

While a fourth viewer, who was clearly a fan of the show, praised the sisters. “Mum’s ashes in a jar to pick the house. Absolute classic episode,” they said. 

“They’re a riot, this pair,” agreed a fifth viewer.

A sixth Channel 4 fan then urged viewers to be kind. “Brought their mum’s ashes on the house hunt. Nobody roll your eyes please,” they wrote. 

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.